I took the day off from blogging yesterday.

Now that I’m graduating I told my mom to spread the news around to all my relatives.

I’m just so ready to move on with my life.

Ideally I’d like to start working on my secret hobby again. I’m looking forward to it even more than the act of completing college. I find that when I started it or tried to I was finally going back to college. Some of them told me to quit school before I even started which is kinda not good. The advice was well meaning? Possibly? I don’t know anymore. *Shakes head* Why was I taking advice from them!? They didn’t even know me! I still feel that in a way college was a hindrance to it. I wanted to make progress with that and not slowly inch along through college. You know my obsession with microwaving things in life. Both the hobby and college. And I would fluctuate back and forth thinking about if they were right or if I was right. The scales seemed to tip one way or the other to justify my decision.
Anyway that is all in the past now.

I gave myself and important haircut because it was important.