So I was reading somebody’s Easter blog about having their children wear matching outfits. I thought maybe that is like a parent thing since I don’t have kids. I grew up an only child so this was not a thing. And about having the perfect holiday I see this a lot in blog for parents.

Either that or some childless people get really depressed around the holidays any holidays. About how they have no children to spend it with making memories. I think about that kind of stuff sometimes, but then I’m happy because I didn’t go rushing around town looking for the perfect basket fillers or that the local store ran out of the Hatchimal my kid wanted. Then a sense of relief comes over me.

My Depeche Mode video collection arrived on Saturday. The videos for “Pimpf”, “Halo”, and “Clean” and all the “Spirit” ones too are not in this set. But this set came out before “Spirit” was released. It only goes up to the “Delta Machine” videos. It’s why I was hesitant to buy it in the first place, but I got a used copy. Ironically all those videos star Martin. (the ones not included in the set that came before “Spirit”)
When I was watching 2 different videos each of my parents commented on Martin’s appearance. I had to say to both of them separately “He’s my favorite one!”

My copy of Monument came. That book is huge! Like a text book. When I got it my mom said “Did you buy a book about those people?” I barely started reading it. I’m only on the 3rd page. The other members are barely meeting Dave. It did bother me a little that there is no mention of Martin Gore’s former band Norman and the Worms. The binding is a little messed up, but I got it used. The page that is falling out has pictures of them holding the chickens.

These were the only 2 Depeche Mode related splurge items I was going to buy. I have to stop splurging on their merchandise cause I need to buy more secret hobby stuff and that can get expensive! Well both can, but more secret hobby.