Polishing a Turd of a Resume — April 15, 2019

Polishing a Turd of a Resume

Yay I passed the test! What else do I need to do to graduate? As long as it doesn’t involve me repeatedly going back to the school. Do I need to check the spelling of my name? Graduation supplies from the school would cost about $134. I’ll save my money.

Once I heard her mention objective on a resume I knew she was full of it. I’ve read enough Askamanager.org to know that is wrong.
My resume is pretty much a turd there is not much you can do to polish a turd. The deli experience made it less of a turd.
She says to write “provided excellent customer service” When and to who? The potato incident? When that lady asked for meat never said how much or how thick she wanted it, and walked way from the counter and then complained nobody sliced the meat to her specifications? Not taking care of the “regulars?” Not giving meat samples correctly? I bet I could think of more poor customer service I provided than good.
She asks if I want to go back to the deli. What?! Not that place!
When we are almost done she tells me i need to email the revised resume to get it approved to get into the school’s website.
The way it is set up is that when you go to the website the school has all these job listings, but you can’t apply to them if you have an “unapproved” resume. What is the point of even having that website and the job listings? I think all of that should be hidden and you can’t see anything unless your resume is approved. It should be a non stop loop of telling you to do that. I knew it was a trick! I’m not stupid!
What else can I take away from that resume review?

The driver told us to get off the bus. But there was a new one to get on right there behind it.
That’s never happened before. It didn’t seem like it was broken.

Sick Sad Blog — April 14, 2019

Sick Sad Blog

If you are wondering, yes I did get the title inspiration from the Daria cartoon.

So I have a sick obsession with reading other people’s blogs and it’s kinda sad. So I read them and most of them are just inane happenings in a person’s life or some agenda they are pushing or something. But some of them are just terrible. Not that I think I write the best blog in the world or anything.

I mean I read all this for lack of a better word “shit”. Stop bragging about how humble you are! Or gracious, or giving, or not selfish. I read it and I think “Wow! I’m a terrible person!”
I don’t know it makes me think of the song “Get the balance right”
“Be responsible
Stable but gullible
Concerned and caring
Help the helpless
But always remain
Ultimately selfish”

Maybe I should stop thinking I’m a mean selfish person. Sometimes it’s ok to be mean and selfish. Ok not all time but still.

10 songs from 1999 vol 10 — April 13, 2019

10 songs from 1999 vol 10

This is the fake boy band edition.

When I took that diction class and my group came up with the theme of a boy band skit. (not my idea BTW) Later after school when I was watching Night Court and that J.G. Wentworth commercial came on with the boy band. That’s how I came up with the line for my script. “I know we’re better than; them Fresh Step, Dudez-a-Plenti, The Meaty Cheesy Boys, 2gether, 3 Count, DuJour, Boyz4Now, 7 Degrees Celsius, and Party Posse.” I was gonna put Fingerbang on there, but I thought it was inappropriate for class. The joke was that all the boy bands the character named are fake/made up ones.

“Trailer Ras” by Long Beach Dub All Stars

I could never get into this group.

“Tender” by Blur

“Sleep now in the Fire” by Rage Against the Machine

“Identify” by Natalie Imburgila
Not as popular as her cover of “Torn” or “Wishing I was There” this is from the Stigmata movie soundtrack.

“We Are” by Vertical Horizon

Most people remember their song “Everything You Want”, but this is a good song too.

“Unpretty” by TLC

I’ll never forget that scene in the music video with the implants being removed. (The version I posted is the children’s version and is missing the implants scene)

“Get in Line” by Barenaked Ladies

“Can’t Get You Outta My Heart” by 3 Count
Nothing like wrestling and boy bands.

“Ultimate Cheeseburger” by The Meaty Cheesy Boys
Their song helped me remember what is in the ultimate cheeseburger “Cheese meat cheese cheese meat and that’s it”. They even preformed this song at the 1999 Billboard awards.

“You Gotta be Fresh” by Fresh Step

What a funny name! They are named after the brand of kitty litter. Pre-Glee Matthew Morrison was in this boy band. From the fictional movie Talk to the Hand starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Van Der Beek.

“P” is for Pokémon and Pikachu — April 12, 2019

“P” is for Pokémon and Pikachu

I had to go to school to take a reading test. Before I went there I went to the 7-11 near the school. I wanted a caffeinated drink. They were selling Detective Pikachu cups. For $3.99.
I can’t get into the Detective Pikachu movie. The Pokémon look weird and creepy.
They were also selling random Pokemon toys that were $24-14. They were really trying to sell them to me because I was wearing my Pokémon shirt. (this was unintentional)

The school has bricks you can buy on a pathway that they sell that you can get personalized and dedicate to graduating classes and people. I noticed there was a brick dedicated to my former speech teacher. The sentiments on the brick echoed how I felt about him. So I guess he touched somebody else too. I’m gonna tell my cousin to take his class. Who knows she might like him.

The test wasn’t that hard. I read the sample questions and I was not stressed out about it. I’ll know the results some time tomorrow. With this I’ll be one step closer to graduation.

Something a Sailor Would Wear — April 11, 2019

Something a Sailor Would Wear

So I’m still trying to get all my online affairs straightened out I know it’s gonna take me more than 2 days.

I stayed up late watching this video about Andy Fletcher.

I washed my hair in the morning. And when I styled my hair in odangos they came out really great. They usually do with wet hair or at least they do with my hair.

I drank too much instant coffee in the morning and it made me burpy and hiccupy.

I missed the bus this morning because it came early so I had to wait like a half hour for the next one. That later one I got on was crowded. you know it’s crowded when people on it are standing. It brought back memories of all those fussy babies on the bus. But the bus thinned out eventually.

That goth girl was wearing a sailor dress/fuku type thing. She makes interesting fashion choices. 🤔

I was goofing off and writing about that Fletch video I had watched. I think the guy next to me thought I was taking a lot of notes but I was just writing about riding the bus and that video.

When I got the review sheet back I got a perfect score. Never got one of those before. Ironic since I’m leaving the class today. Figures I’d do well when I don’t put pressure on myself to do well.

We got an evacuation drill notice, but we didn’t leave because the building we were in wasn’t listed.

I didn’t notice she was leaving. So I had to complement her on her dress. Because I was browsing Depeche Mode media online on my phone. I was thinking about buying a book or a DVD about them. Why does the price for the book Monument fluctuate so much?

All the time I was in this class I did not fall asleep during it. Like I did in my previous math classes. I’m very proud of that.

Leapin’ Lizards — April 10, 2019

Leapin’ Lizards

Wanted to blog but fell asleep and woke up past midnight. I got one back blog posted.

I thought I need a graduation playlist. With some Uncanny Alliance, No Doubt, Depeche Mode and Third Eye Blind.

My mom asked if I was going to be in the graduation ceremony. I told her I don’t want to because it costs a lot and they deal with Jostens. I don’t need gowns or rings or anything like that. Although I could make myself a candy lei.

Somebody was wearing some kind of leather strap garter thing. It reminded me of something Martin Gore would wear. It was hard to think of a good complement that didn’t make me sound like a perv. So I didn’t say anything.

For some strange reason I was craving Chicken McNuggets in class with Sweet and Sour sauce.

We had to do a review sheet. Since I knew I was going to leave the class I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to do well on it.  But she caught a few mistakes and told me to fix them.

My backpack is falling apart. The lining is coming off on the inside. I should really retire it.

I had been meaning to ask my teacher what the guy who comes in on Wednesdays in the lab coat teaches. She told me the guy in the lab coat teaches chemistry in the math building. I mean he really stands out. She said it’s strange because he teaches a science class in the math building.

Later after school when I was napping and my mom woke me up because a lizard got in the house. It took us a while to get it out.

Open a Can of Gummi Worms —

Open a Can of Gummi Worms

I wanted to get caught up with all the blogging I missed because there is a lot.

Then I proceeded to fall asleep.

I had “(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me” stuck in my head in the morning while I was cooking breakfast.

I almost missed the bus trying to buy gummi worms. Some girl from my math class who rides the bus with me heard me yelling at mom my about wanting worms. Which made no sense out of context.

There was an obnoxious person on the bus watching loud videos without headphones. I hate when people did that. They used to do that at my old job in the breakroom. Which was really annoying because they would have a tv on in there too.

Since I knew it might be my last week in class I was just going to phone it in. I am I good at feigning enthusiasm? For math? I was bad at feigning enthusiasm for school pep rallies in high school.

When I got my assignment back I noticed I did not format the answers correctly.

I felt like drawing more kawaii things. Mostly animals.

I was thinking of closing down my faccebook, but since I may be graduating I decided to not to so I could make the announcement to my relatives on there.

I was considering what to buy with my tax refund.

I should really clean out my backpack. there are too many papers in it.

I didn’t do my math homework since I thought it was going to be my last week there.

The good thing was my internet was finally back.

Hypothetically Good News — April 8, 2019

Hypothetically Good News

So I have some good news. Which is not my internet being back. But after I thought about it I don’t want to be those people on the internet who make a bunch of noise and then nothing happens. So I’ll wait to break the good news when the time is right. Oh yeah I’m not pregnant.


The bus was really late to the appointment I tried to cancel over the phone but couldn’t.

What?! You mean I could have left here a year or so ago in the fall of ’17?! 😑😨😱😵😢

The one thing she was very specific about was that I could not transfer to a 4 year college because I didn’t take college level math. At this point I don’t care I want to get this over with. All we needed to do was fill out the petition for graduation. She told me all I needed was a reading test. I didn’t understand why I already had my transcripts that showed I took college level English. She was making it sound like it was hard and that if I couldn’t pass the reading test I would have to take a reading class if I didn’t. I would have to move my graduation date to summer ’19. When I first transferred there I took a math placement test. But that was the old system and all I needed to do was show my transcripts.

The petition was attached to some doofy survey. Which she said was optional.

Here are some of the questions on it:

Number of years it took you to obtain a degree.

If you will start working full or part time in an area related to your area of study or not.

If you are transferring to a 4 year college or not

What was your educational goal when you enrolled.

After you receive your degree if you will keep taking classes at the school.


So I went to that office. They are all in the same building just on a different level. I wanted the soonest appointment that was available.

I don’t wanna say anything yet. Since there have been a few false starts with me. I think at least 4 so I’m not taking any chances.

After I thought about I have been lied to by college counselors for all these years. Because every time I would ask how close I was to graduating all they would do was take out this paper. And mark off the classes I took or the equivalent ones at another school. That I needed college level math to graduate. And that made me really angry.  And I’m not even counting the time I was tricked into taking a science class I didn’t need.

A Famine in your Heart, An Aching to be Free — April 7, 2019

A Famine in your Heart, An Aching to be Free

So that blog I posted yesterday was a scheduled one. I had a few scheduled for Saturdays in case my cousin had to come over to be baby sat. Hopefully my internet will be back next week but with all the bad luck I’ve been having for over a month.

Let’s see how this goes with me blogging on my phone. It is really hard to do.
So today is the anniversary of the first time I watched the video for “Halo” by Depeche Mode. Too bad I can’t watch the music video today. 😣😭


Personality Journal Blog Entry 27 — April 6, 2019

Personality Journal Blog Entry 27

Here is another post from the personality journal.

This entry is about compiling a playlist.

My playlist

Bummed out: “Indiana” by Rockapella

Getting ready for a party: “Southside”? I don’t know this was the first song that came to mind.

Hanging out with friends: ?????

Feeling creative: Oingo Boingo songs

Cleaning my room: ????? Anything? Music that doesn’t upset my parents?

Sleepy: “Waiting for the Night” or “Halo”. I like to listen to “Violator” before I go to sleep. Before that I used to like to listen to “Milk” by Garbage.

In love: “Sittin’ Up In My Room” by Brandy or “Stricken” by No Doubt

Studying: Should really be silence, but I listen to a lot of different things.

Getting over a breakup: something off “Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt

Relaxing: I don’t know. I find a lot of songs relaxing.

Depressed: Ideally a song that won’t trigger me.

Exercising: “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim

In a silly mood: comedy songs

Dancing in front of the mirror: (I don’t really do that and I don’t dance much)