Besides the 5 million buzzfeed articles about the Delia’s catalogue. Does nobody remember the catalogues; Mxg? Alloy? Girlfriends LA? or Brat? For all of these catalogues my father’s excuse was “It’s too expensive. We live in LA you can find this stuff at the mall.” Then rant about the ports.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the Brat fall ’99 catalogue.
brat99cover 001
So much fashion nostalgia here!

I decided to focus on the accessories more than the actual clothes in this thing. If you like I can post another blog about some of the featured clothes.

So there was a hold over from the Asian trend from late 97 early 98 held over here. I really wanted that fur bag.
bratbags1 001
Messenger bags.
bratbags2 001 - Copy
bratbags3 001 - Copy
Bra strap headbands. I had one and maybe because I got it from a dollar store it slid off my head and bunched up. I didn’t find it very useful at holding my hair back. Notice the butterflies. They are a reoccurring theme here besides the Asian influence.
bratbrabands1 001 - Copy
Butterfly clips.
bratbutterflies1 001 - Copy
bratbutterflies2 001 - Copy
Chunky glitter gel. I’m glad confetti glitter cosmetics is back in style 20 years later.
bratglitter 001 - Copy
This nail polish is from the company 3 cheers 4 girls. This is a new product from them in 2019 and not from the Brat catalogue. This is just to show how this look came back.
Plastic tattoo jewellery still going strong into the next year. I personally never liked the beaded variety.
bratjewerly 001 - Copy (2)
And these “Buddha Beads” think that’s what we called them never personally owned one of these bracelets. My friend supposedly had one that helped with her PMS. Where I live this trend lasted for 3 months tops.
bratjewerly 001 - Copy
Bobby pins with enamel. These were popular in the 80s and my mom gave me her old ones. Because you think you are so cool trying to copy this hairstyle. Glitter bobby pins were so easy to make with glitter nail polish to decorate plain ones.
bratpins1 001 - Copy
Mary Jane shoes. I had a knockoff version of the ones on the left at the bottom of the page by the picture of the girl. They were clunky and heavy and hurt my feet. I wore them up until about 2003 then the shoe was separating.
bratshoes1 001
Hiking boots! A hold over from 1998.
bratshoes2 001
Energy Shoes! Like everybody at my school wore these. Why did Skechers make so many of them in shades of various blue trimming? Remember when Skechers were not marketed to the elderly? And those generic white platform sneakers that like every girl wore from like 1997-2000.
bratshoes4 001 - Copy
It was so hard for me to find saddle shoes in my size. By 1999 nobody wore loafers at my school aside from maybe the teachers wearing those flat frumpy Hush Puppy style ones.
bratshoes5 001 - Copy