I was going to post another blog with pictures, but since flickr is down and has been for over 2 days as of posting I’d post a song blog instead.

“What Would Brian Boitano Do?” by D.V.D.A.

“Skintight” by The Donnas
I think this is a 1999 song? I wanna say it is. Can’t find much info about it.

“Little Black Backpack” by Stroke 9
It says this song was first released in 1995, but I remember it being a hit in 1999.

“Fast as You Can” by Fiona Apple

“Cowboy” by Kid Rock

“Keep Away” by Godsmack

“B-line” by Lamb

“Down so Long” by Jewel

“Stitches” by Orgy

I think this is a 1999 song?

“Tongue Tied” by Eve 6