Bad Day/Good Day — May 13, 2019

Bad Day/Good Day

My mom had a bad to good Mother’s Day.

She had to get up early because the washing machine broke Thursday. To go to the laundromat with my dad. But she was happy it wasn’t crowded.


Then my cousin told her that it was a safety on the washing machine. That’s why it stopped.

10 Songs from 1999 Vol 14 — May 11, 2019

10 Songs from 1999 Vol 14

“I’m Beautiful” Bette Midler cover A cover of the original Uncanny Alliance song titled “I’m Beautiful Dammit”. I prefer the original. I’ll just go eat some pineapple Italian ice.

“All Star” by Smash Mouth

Too bad a lot of people think this song originally came out in the first Shrek movie. It was in Mystery Men first. And there are the characters from the movie in the music video.
Here’s an interesting article about the song.

“Voodoo” by Godsmack

“Enemy” by Days of the New

“Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the Machine

“So Pure” by Alanis Morissette

“Hero” by the Verve Pipe

“Losing Light Fast” by Peter Searcy
The music video for this song is really good. Too bad I can’t find any trace of it online.

“Maria” by Blondie

“When Worlds Collide” by Powerman 5000

Walking in my Graduation Shoes — May 10, 2019

Walking in my Graduation Shoes

My mom asked what would I put on my graduation cap if I was going to graduate. It would be the bird things from the “Walking in my Shoes” music video.

And probably scrawl this lyric on it “You’ll stumble in my footsteps, Keep the same appointments I kept”.
But I’d never tell her that. She’d have no idea what I was talking about.

I’ve seen the Porky Pig one done a few times. And the Little Mermaid one too. If I was going to do a Porky one I’d use the iconic picture of him bursting from the drum. Honestly I think she heard me say “Porky Pig”.

Happy Birthday Dave! — May 9, 2019
You Look Familiar; Like an Anime Character — May 7, 2019

You Look Familiar; Like an Anime Character

I went to the mall today for a job interview. I don’t know why they want people to ride the train there. When you can take the bus there and it costs less. I had a hard time finding the store in the mall. The job interview was real not like that Costco one. I think it went ok. The guy seemed to understand working the counter alone. I hope they call back even if some of the customers there were jerks when I was there waiting to be interviewed.

After that I decided to shop since I was already there. First I went to Spencer’s they were playing a strange mix of music. When I walked in I heard “Birdhouse in your Soul” then after that was a Spice Girls song. But there was nothing I wanted there. There was nothing I wanted at the Hot Topic or the Sanrio stores either.

I went to the Daiso. At first I didn’t see anything I wanted. Then I saw this.
girlsdream2 001
girlsdream1 001
At first I thought it was a notebook. The thing that caught my eye was the picture of the bride. She looks a lot like Angel Lily from Wedding Peach and at first I thought it was a Wedding Peach book.
It came with these stickers. The ballerina looks a lot like Mew Mint.
The logo is giving me Pretty Cure vibes. And so are some of the girls in the book.
It says “What job will you do when you grow up?” Uh…get back to me in a few years coloring book girls.

Ok so like one summer that was like my thing. I think in 1998? I would just color in these books while I watched a local tv station show the Spanish language dub of Dragon Ball Z. I have quite a few Sailor Moon books, and a few Pokémon ones. I also have some Lovely Wink character ones that are really big like a foot tall.
monthlytomato2 001
I just love shoujo coloring books. Most of the ones I have are from Korea. And I have a whole pinterest board of shoujo coloring pages.

I did get a Sailor Moon one in 1999, and the only reason I was reminded of it is because my CD player broke yesterday. And the time I got that coloring book I also got a new radio/CD player. I go through one about every 10 years.

I also bought some soup spoons because I needed some more.
And a holographic hair bow. It’s strange it’s made of like plastic or vinyl. It was hard to photograph.
20190508_113604 - Copy
20190508_113614 - Copy

My Fake Costco Interview — May 5, 2019

My Fake Costco Interview

I had a job interview at the Costco. I hoped the interview didn’t take too long because I wanted to watch the Kentucky Derby.

The break room looked so great! A lot better than the one at the store I worked at. And it didn’t smell funny and they had really nice lockers too.

I was at the store for about 15 minutes. Went home and was still back in time to hear them sing “My Old Kentucky Home”.
The Kentucky Derby has been interesting in the past few years. What an interesting derby that was.

I decided to do some research. I put the person’s name from the message in the internet and I got somebody who manages a sandwich shop down the street from the Costco. Then why did you put Costco in your ad? Why not put the sandwich shop?
I may be stupid but I’m not that stupid. First I thought the people at the Costco were just bullshitting me and didn’t want new blood in there. Because sometimes if you have store number in a chain and you put the name of the store chain the number and the city if it is a real number something will come up in the internet. (I can do it with the store I used to work at) So I put it in and she was right that number doesn’t match up with that Costco. All it gives you is variations of that job listing. There are at least 3 pages on google for this listing.

This is from another description for this job. Or a similar one.
“Are you outgoing and energetic? Do you like to have fun and make people smile? Are you a sandwich FREAK? How would you like to get paid for sharing your love of sandwiches by handing out free samples? If you said, YES! Then this is the job and company for you!


Must be 18+
Must have own vehicle, driver license and auto insurance
Must have a clean driving record
Must be available Monday- Friday 9-5pm
Must be able to throw a 3” sandwich at least 5 ft
Must be coachable
Must be energetic, enthusiastic, confident and outgoing
Must be computer proficient”

What? Throw a sandwich?

Now if I want to apply to Costco I’ll use their website.

10 Songs from 1999 Vol 13 — May 4, 2019

10 Songs from 1999 Vol 13

I accidentally posted the wrong blog again. 😱😳

“Here We Go” by Freestylers

“Someday” by Sugar Ray

“Mistaken” by Save Ferris
“Modified” was a really good album, but I didn’t like it as much as “It Means Everything”.

“The World is not Enough” by Garbage
I did like the fact that they did a James Bond theme for the movie of the same name. I don’t really like this song. But it was Shirley’s first portrayal as a robot. And I have never seen the movie.

“Sexx Laws” by Beck

My favorite scene is when the things in the kitchen are humping.

“The Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang

This song was immensely popular when I was in high school. Somebody in my history class had a shirt with 2 cartoon monkeys the male monkey was chasing the female monkey. On the bottom of the shirt it said “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals”. There was a school assembly where some of the student government danced to it. I hadn’t really thought about the song much in years until one night I was cleaning the deli and my coworker was playing music aloud on her phone. She listened to stuff like Hollywood Undead. The music she was playing was nothing I recognized. Then “The Bad Touch” came on and it really surprised me. This girl was like 9 years younger than me. I was like “You like that song?” then we laughed about it and kept cleaning. I thought I wrote about it in my blog, I guess I didn’t I couldn’t find it.

“Bug a Boo” by Destiny’s Child

“Out of my Head” by Fastball

“Praise You” by Fatboy Slim

I love this song! And the music video. I wrote about my love for it here.

“You Drive me Crazy” by Britney Spears

The music video is not bad. It has Britney in a waitress outfit. From the movie Drive me Crazy starring Melissa Joan Hart.

Suspiciously Sleepy — May 3, 2019

Suspiciously Sleepy

This is the first blog I’ve posted this month. Sorry I haven’t been blogging much.

I’ve been feeling more tired than usual.

I’ve been online looking for work and trying to clean up the house.

I haven’t even been working on my 1999 song blogs.

I calculated how long I’ve been in college and how many years it took me. Since over the span of 17 years I did not contentiously go. 6 semesters + 4 semesters + 1 semester + 8 semesters. It only took me 9 and a half years. To be honest once I went to the school I’m graduating from I started being a part time student. I never took 4 classes a semester there.

I got a message about a job interview at Costco.