10 Songs From 1999 Vol 19 — June 29, 2019

10 Songs From 1999 Vol 19

This will probably be my last one about songs from 1999. I might have enough songs to make it to 20 maybe. Now I should start on my year 2000 song list. *hears LaBamba from Conan O’Brien singing “in the year 2000″*

“That’s the way it Is” by Celine Dion

“Will 2K” by Will Smith

“No Pool Party Tonite” by The Huntingtons

This music video is so silly!

“We’re going to Ibiza” by Vengaboys

The animation is bad even for something from 1999.

“Back at One” by Brian McKninght

“Livin’ la Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin

“I Want it That Way” by Backstreet Boys

“Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)” by Moloko

“Nothing Really Matters” by Madonna

“You Stole the Sun from My Heart” by Manic Street Preachers

Batteries Not Included — June 28, 2019

Batteries Not Included

My dad was upset that the batteries ran out in the radio he listens to baseball on. He says about he buys a set of new batteries every season. Doesn’t he realize how long baseball season is? He’s been into baseball for at least 50 years he should know that! (not even including game length and he listens to the pregame shows and stuff) Not very ESTJ of you! That should be the new catch phrase in my blog.

I found out communication degrees are a joke and so are communications majors. Damn! 😭 I mean I kinda thought they were, but maybe I was just delusional. I know! I can get a job being a Myers Briggs expert!

I really wanted to rank up for the a cup on neopets, but the site keeps going to down so I’m considering this a lost cause.

Wood Salivation — June 27, 2019

Wood Salivation

I had to go desk shopping with my dad. He’s a horrible person to shop with. For anything! I’d be better off building my own desk by chopping my own wood in the forest.

First he got mad at me because I would not do the web search his style. I don’t like to do things for him because he always finds fault with what I do then complain I didn’t do it properly. He literally told me to write the names of local cities and the words “furniture store”. Like that time he tried to sell his surfboard and just put “surfboard” in his web search. This is literally how he searches for anything or he writes some long drawn out sentence. Especially for celebrity deaths. He’d write something like “Luke Perry Fox actor 90210 Buffy Krusty Simpsons dead”. Then he put street corners and names and furniture store to search. Still not very good. All he got were places that sold furniture to businesses. Which I was trying to explain to him and he would have nothing of it. He treats me like I’m an idiot. He doesn’t understand how yelp works. He thought that pictures of furniture were for a furniture store. I told him people can upload pictures of anything to yelp. That people frequently post pictures unrelated to the business to the website. I don’t know how many booty pics I’ve seen in restaurant review pics. Too many that’s for sure.

His way of shopping for non essentials is usually driving around town looking for vaguely related signs and businesses. He used to do this a lot way before we had the internet. Apparently this is the way people shopped in the old days? It’s highly inefficient and wastes fuel.

First we ended up at a furniture store that was for businesses. They were selling cubicle parts and stuff. But of course I’m “stupid” so he won’t listen to me that this is not for home use.

Luckily the 2nd place we tried to go to was out of business.

The 3rd place we go to my dad really wants to buy this desk. The sales guy is really trying to sell him this desk. I’m having nothing of it. “I’m thinking if you really want this stupid desk then buy the stupid desk here.” It was over $300. And even if he did he would get it and complain that he paid too much for and the guy “scammed” him.

Then he got mad because I wanted to look at chain stores. I know they can sell you cheaper stuff than some random store my dad drove to.

For an ESTJ he’s a horrible shopper. He should be way more discerning.

My mom told me to just focus on getting a job and my parents don’t understand what I meant by “practice space”. And that I misunderstood that she said yesterday. Maybe not being able to really do what I want to do is driving me crazy and stuff is there that is not. I’m not on drugs or anything like that.

Roadblock Speculations — June 26, 2019

Roadblock Speculations

So I pulled the trigger and reapplied to the store I used to work at. I really didn’t want to do that.
My parents told me a little while after I had quit my job there. They threw in a bunch of speculations.
Like I can’t quit the job until after 6 months.
There were a few others but I forget them. The 6 months thing was a big one.
When I went to reapply I saw my application has just been sitting there since I think February and there’s been no contact and that just hurts. Maybe I need to make it known that to my old job that I’m not wasting time in school anymore.

Then I thought about why I suck. I know the answer right in front of my face. I never get any time to practice what I need to do for my secret hobby ever since I started it a few years ago. That’s the thing I need, but my mom won’t let me. Because I can’t tell her what it is. All she wanted to know if it will make money. (realistically it won’t the market is flooded) All she does it put up road blocks. Not cool mom! 😑😭

I can’t wait around anymore I need supplies and stuff. And you know money for my bills and stuff.

Drink the Blues — June 25, 2019

Drink the Blues

You know my CD player broke like 2 months ago. Too bad Toys R Us closed this was my place to go for cheap electronics. So went to the Best Buy with my dad. I had tried the local Target and Walmart and a few other places, but no luck. I secfially wanted a boombox with a tape player and all the ones I found at other places were just a CD player and radio. When we get there the salesman asks what I’m looking for I saw a radio. He shows me the most expensive stuff. I don’t have the money or space for a $200 radio. I find the last one of what I want. A boombox with a CD player, cassette player and a radio.

Then we went to eat. I drank my first Blue Hawaiian. The pic is up on my instagram. It was really good. I could taste the Malibu rum in it. I’m getting good at identifying it. No, I do not have a problem. I’d try and make my own at home.

When I take it home I see the problem. I wish there was a floor model I could have played around with. I could have seen the design flaw in the CD player door. It was the same design flaw my other one had that broke. That’s how it broke. 😭 It was nice to listen to my CDs aloud again. Of course my dad thinks I don’t know how to use it. He kept asking me about the bass setting there is none on it. I don’t know why he has an obsession with bass. No terrible? But it’s strange because he doesn’t listen to thumping bass music more like rock and stuff.

According to this video it’s popular with males who have anti social tendencies. Well he is male and anti social so it checks out.

Enjoy the Construction — June 24, 2019

Enjoy the Construction

The store I used to work at is under construction. It has been for at least a month. It was a bitch to shop there before, but it really was while they were randomly moving around parts of the store to accommodate for this. You could not find anything! The really funny thing is they are re-flooring the store. So when I took “the grand store tour” the manager who gave it to all the positional employees was bragging about their crown jewel the floor (the old floor now). Saying about how a manager or former manager paid out of pocket to re-floor the store. Especially the part by the deli.Β  It was a “special non-slip floor” or something like that. The layout of the store was strange it was not like the others of the same chain in the area.

When I walk in I see this big sign in the store that says “We’re Hiring”. At first I think “Aw hell no!”. But then I remember people have not been contacting me back with job offers. I get interviews, but nothing. I don’t have pesky school to get in the way. Which was one of my downfalls among other things. Wouldn’t you want to hire a college graduate? This college graduate?

Well I am smarter now I know what not to do there sort of… What behaviors are praised and what is not. And all the backwards logic that works there. And let’s just say if I did get rehired they would not get the same old me from last year.

When I was in the checkout line. I heard “Enjoy the Silence”. It was a sign, a very creepy sign. Maybe I’d be better off walking through the snow with a deck chair.

I’m really tempted to pull the trigger. There can only be 2 outcomes; I get rehired or not. What do I really have to lose?

I really think that store and other chains should use the same tactics that are used in multi level marketing. Telling people that working for this store or some other chain is “selling the dream” and they are “helping families” and other things like that. Of course the structure is different so you would not have to get a down line or anything like that, but I really think it could work.

Personality Journal Blog Entry 29 — June 22, 2019

Personality Journal Blog Entry 29

I said I was going to post 2 of these this month. These are like a list of 3 things. There are 2 of these entries in the book so I’m combining them. For a lot of these I could only think of one or more things.

Things I need to be happy: money (more like financial stability)

Qualities I need in a boyfriend: funny, loves me for me

Qualities I need in a friend: funny, gets me

Guilty pleasures: cheesy pop music

Things to do on a rainy day: sleep, watch music videos, snuggle under a blanket

Things to do on a summer day: sleep, watch music videos, sit in air conditioning

Possessions I’d save in a fire: My Are-oh-vee tapes/DVDs, my diaries, and my stuffed pikachu

Things that inspire me: There are way more than 3 and too many to list

Not So Summer Solstice — June 21, 2019

Not So Summer Solstice

I totally forgot that today is the summer solstice. Um.. Google reminded me. Well it sure didn’t feel like it here. It was raining at like 3:30AM. And my weather app in my phone did not say rain for all the 6 hours it did rain. πŸ€”πŸ˜‘

Anyway it was overcast all day. And it was cold enough for my mom and I to bake things in the oven.

Stuff It! —

Stuff It!

Yesterday I tried to make stuffed peppers for the first time. It was ok I guess. I think I didn’t make it properly. It was not under cooked or anything like that. But they could be better. No pics. It was ugly looking, but delicious. I’m already thinking of new fillings to put into the pepper.

Kamikaze Moon — June 19, 2019

Kamikaze Moon

I finished my Full Moon o Sagashite DVD. I liked it. I’m not really sure the genre of this one. Magical idol singer? I think I’ll finish up watching this series in the summer. It has like 50 or so episodes. The funny thing was I watched the previews and there was one for Kamikaze Girls and it reminded me of something I was thinking about last week. But I’ll talk about that other thing I was thinking about in another blog. Because that topic deserves it’s own blog.