The store I used to work at is under construction. It has been for at least a month. It was a bitch to shop there before, but it really was while they were randomly moving around parts of the store to accommodate for this. You could not find anything! The really funny thing is they are re-flooring the store. So when I took “the grand store tour” the manager who gave it to all the positional employees was bragging about their crown jewel the floor (the old floor now). Saying about how a manager or former manager paid out of pocket to re-floor the store. Especially the part by the deli.  It was a “special non-slip floor” or something like that. The layout of the store was strange it was not like the others of the same chain in the area.

When I walk in I see this big sign in the store that says “We’re Hiring”. At first I think “Aw hell no!”. But then I remember people have not been contacting me back with job offers. I get interviews, but nothing. I don’t have pesky school to get in the way. Which was one of my downfalls among other things. Wouldn’t you want to hire a college graduate? This college graduate?

Well I am smarter now I know what not to do there sort of… What behaviors are praised and what is not. And all the backwards logic that works there. And let’s just say if I did get rehired they would not get the same old me from last year.

When I was in the checkout line. I heard “Enjoy the Silence”. It was a sign, a very creepy sign. Maybe I’d be better off walking through the snow with a deck chair.

I’m really tempted to pull the trigger. There can only be 2 outcomes; I get rehired or not. What do I really have to lose?

I really think that store and other chains should use the same tactics that are used in multi level marketing. Telling people that working for this store or some other chain is “selling the dream” and they are “helping families” and other things like that. Of course the structure is different so you would not have to get a down line or anything like that, but I really think it could work.