You know my CD player broke like 2 months ago. Too bad Toys R Us closed this was my place to go for cheap electronics. So went to the Best Buy with my dad. I had tried the local Target and Walmart and a few other places, but no luck. I secfially wanted a boombox with a tape player and all the ones I found at other places were just a CD player and radio. When we get there the salesman asks what I’m looking for I saw a radio. He shows me the most expensive stuff. I don’t have the money or space for a $200 radio. I find the last one of what I want. A boombox with a CD player, cassette player and a radio.

Then we went to eat. I drank my first Blue Hawaiian. The pic is up on my instagram. It was really good. I could taste the Malibu rum in it. I’m getting good at identifying it. No, I do not have a problem. I’d try and make my own at home.

When I take it home I see the problem. I wish there was a floor model I could have played around with. I could have seen the design flaw in the CD player door. It was the same design flaw my other one had that broke. That’s how it broke. ūüė≠ It was nice to listen to my CDs aloud again. Of course my dad thinks I don’t know how to use it. He kept asking me about the bass setting there is none on it. I don’t know why he has an obsession with bass. No terrible? But it’s strange because he doesn’t listen to thumping bass music more like rock and stuff.

According to this video it’s popular with males who have anti social tendencies. Well he is male and anti social so it checks out.