So I pulled the trigger and reapplied to the store I used to work at. I really didn’t want to do that.
My parents told me a little while after I had quit my job there. They threw in a bunch of speculations.
Like I can’t quit the job until after 6 months.
There were a few others but I forget them. The 6 months thing was a big one.
When I went to reapply I saw my application has just been sitting there since I think February and there’s been no contact and that just hurts. Maybe I need to make it known that to my old job that I’m not wasting time in school anymore.

Then I thought about why I suck. I know the answer right in front of my face. I never get any time to practice what I need to do for my secret hobby ever since I started it a few years ago. That’s the thing I need, but my mom won’t let me. Because I can’t tell her what it is. All she wanted to know if it will make money. (realistically it won’t the market is flooded) All she does it put up road blocks. Not cool mom! 😡😭

I can’t wait around anymore I need supplies and stuff. And you know money for my bills and stuff.