I had to go desk shopping with my dad. He’s a horrible person to shop with. For anything! I’d be better off building my own desk by chopping my own wood in the forest.

First he got mad at me because I would not do the web search his style. I don’t like to do things for him because he always finds fault with what I do then complain I didn’t do it properly. He literally told me to write the names of local cities and the words “furniture store”. Like that time he tried to sell his surfboard and just put “surfboard” in his web search. This is literally how he searches for anything or he writes some long drawn out sentence. Especially for celebrity deaths. He’d write something like “Luke Perry Fox actor 90210 Buffy Krusty Simpsons dead”. Then he put street corners and names and furniture store to search. Still not very good. All he got were places that sold furniture to businesses. Which I was trying to explain to him and he would have nothing of it. He treats me like I’m an idiot. He doesn’t understand how yelp works. He thought that pictures of furniture were for a furniture store. I told him people can upload pictures of anything to yelp. That people frequently post pictures unrelated to the business to the website. I don’t know how many booty pics I’ve seen in restaurant review pics. Too many that’s for sure.

His way of shopping for non essentials is usually driving around town looking for vaguely related signs and businesses. He used to do this a lot way before we had the internet. Apparently this is the way people shopped in the old days? It’s highly inefficient and wastes fuel.

First we ended up at a furniture store that was for businesses. They were selling cubicle parts and stuff. But of course I’m “stupid” so he won’t listen to me that this is not for home use.

Luckily the 2nd place we tried to go to was out of business.

The 3rd place we go to my dad really wants to buy this desk. The sales guy is really trying to sell him this desk. I’m having nothing of it. “I’m thinking if you really want this stupid desk then buy the stupid desk here.” It was over $300. And even if he did he would get it and complain that he paid too much for and the guy “scammed” him.

Then he got mad because I wanted to look at chain stores. I know they can sell you cheaper stuff than some random store my dad drove to.

For an ESTJ he’s a horrible shopper. He should be way more discerning.

My mom told me to just focus on getting a job and my parents don’t understand what I meant by “practice space”. And that I misunderstood that she said yesterday. Maybe not being able to really do what I want to do is driving me crazy and stuff is there that is not. I’m not on drugs or anything like that.