I’m back with another entry from the personality journal.

My Year at a Glance

So you know what I’m not going to start at January 1st. From July 6th 2018 to July 6th 2019. The last blog I wrote about on the 6th on 2018 was about blind bag ponies.
I was getting acquainted with the people on the Depeche Mode discord. There was a heat wave. I think it was the hottest it got in 2018?

Ok so here are the prompts.

Coolest place I went: Nowhere? (I can think of)

Things I learned about myself this past year: That I could graduate college and get a job. Even if it only lasted for about 2 months. That I was already whimsical.

My biggest obstacle this past year: Keeping the job and graduating college.

Most drastic change: Graduating college.

One thing from the year I would take back: Quitting my job at the deli.

My most difficult task of this year: Working in the deli.