I see this all the time people complain about writing bad quality work. You know if you write something terrible and you think it is terrible nobody has to read it if you don’t want them to. (not including they hack your computer/stole your notebook, etc.) You can just write it and hide it away somewhere or destroy it somehow. Writing is not a performance art. Unless you want it to be. I always see people who stream themselves writing. I really don’t understand the appeal of this. You know I might watch somebody do that if they were a famous author. I guess I’m weird I like to write in private. I’m one of those “it’s not finished yet! Don’t look at it!” people. Not the whole thing. I’ll let people read parts of my work.

Then I thought about something funny “Write Like Nobody is Watching”. Like that phrase “Dance Like Nobody is Watching”. Even when I try to dance and nobody is watching I still feel self conscious. I have a hard time dancing in public that is another story. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I really enjoy writing garbage for the fun of it.