I lasted one day at my new job won’t be able to break that record.

So when I showed up me and the other new lady were greeted by a worker who was so happy to see us because they were understaffed. Then they didn’t have time cards or anything for us 2 new people to sign in with. They were just like get to work. I didn’t want to do it at first. They said some guy who wasn’t there yet had to do it. He shows up close to 10AM and stays for a little while to do some job not related to us and then leaves. My new coworker who joined on with me was very interested in my deli horror stories. They made us work for 3 hours straight and then got a 30 minute break at 10 am. And then another at 1PM for lunch. One of the supervisors wanted me to work overtime, and I still don’t have a time card. The guy comes back at like 2pm and gives me and the other new person a tour and a safety handbook. Then I ask about the time cards again. I was feeling really sick it was really hot in there. I almost fainted twice! I cut myself on some labels rode out the end of the shift. On my short walk home I decided not to come back. I wrote my resignation email. (a tip I learned from The People’s Court) and thought of it as a learning experience.