I get a letter in the mail that my degree. It got denied. Why did they tell me this just now?
My mom got mad because I freaked out. Why not do it? This is my future here!
I feel like I can’t do anything right not even graduate. It said my math was not met. Even though I asked the counselor many times if I needed to take more classes and if I could drop the math class I was taking and doing poorly in. But when I tried to call the number on the letter it said it all circuits are busy. I thought the phone was messed up but I could call myself from the landline phone so it wasn’t. But when I called back like an hour later I got through. I left a message that’s all that I can do for now. Maybe I’ll stop by the school in a few days to see if I can get this cleared up.

Later I was watching the music video for “Halo” and I got really sad.