I’m back with another entry from the personality journal. This is my 2nd to last one from that book.

Hopes and Dreams

I believe the secret to my future happiness: I don’t know. (what kind of a question is this?)

After high school I hope to: Not be a bum (high school was a long time ago)

Marriage is a/an Scary thought for me

I want 0 kids; 0 boys and 0 girls.

Names I like for kids: Seth, because I like The OC.

A skill I’d like to develop: Lots, too many to list

A fortune I’d like to find in my fortune cookie: “you are (my name)”. It’s better than “every house has a bathroom” or “you will find true love on flag day”

A risk I want to take: Do something stupid like go around dressed up in a costume not on Halloween or anything like that.

In 50 years I picture myself: possibly dead (I’d be around 85 and a half)