Did you know that song is about male prostitutes? (Did not know that until yesterday)

I was reading about the inner child and it can manifest itself in different undesirable ways. It’s not all whimsical feelings, good vibes, making drawings with crayons and watching nostalgic tv shows. They came out and it was ugly. I think the people pleaser, perfectionist and the saboteur came out upon the arrival of the bad news. I felt like “I can’t even do that right! I don’t even know how to graduate college!” I was having nightmares about it. Like I was a fraud who was misrepresenting them self. I had to temporally suspend my job search.

In unrelated news I realized I could work on the blogs I was planning to write about my life back in 1999 and add fun pics to it.

This morning I got a voicemail/call from the counselor telling me that they sent the letter as a mistake and marked off that I was trying to get a different diploma with a transfer to the university that has a different math requirement. (I was working towards that until I found out I could get the one without the transfer with the level math I had taken) We’ll mail it to you in December. They told me 12 weeks back in April, but their math was a little off. The counselors suck there. Like everybody who goes there knows that.

What a relief! Phew!

Then a few hours later I got a call about a job, but they wanted me to work there until after 11pm. Most available jobs seem to be for overnight cleaning at food places. Why do they ask about my availability if I mark off 9PM or 10PM  (depending on the location) I mean that not 11PM not 1AM.

Plus my dad was being real nosy about the bad news I received. I didn’t wanna tell him at first because if I overreacted I knew he would.