Write Like Nobody is Watching — July 16, 2019

Write Like Nobody is Watching

I see this all the time people complain about writing bad quality work. You know if you write something terrible and you think it is terrible nobody has to read it if you don’t want them to. (not including they hack your computer/stole your notebook, etc.) You can just write it and hide it away somewhere or destroy it somehow. Writing is not a performance art. Unless you want it to be. I always see people who stream themselves writing. I really don’t understand the appeal of this. You know I might watch somebody do that if they were a famous author. I guess I’m weird I like to write in private. I’m one of those “it’s not finished yet! Don’t look at it!” people. Not the whole thing. I’ll let people read parts of my work.

Then I thought about something funny “Write Like Nobody is Watching”. Like that phrase “Dance Like Nobody is Watching”. Even when I try to dance and nobody is watching I still feel self conscious. I have a hard time dancing in public that is another story. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I really enjoy writing garbage for the fun of it.

My Inner Child Likes Rap Music — July 12, 2019

My Inner Child Likes Rap Music

I have been reading about the inner child again. It just happened to be mentioned in a few blogs I read and stuff. I still have only managed to contact the 9 year old me. That’s ok I love her very much. I see her there barefoot (I still don’t like to wear shoes as an adult) messy long hair and neon clothes (she is from the 90s after all)

I miss riding my bike listening to rap music. So one of my Spotify playlists I made dedicated to rap and R&B music. Lots of old jams by artists like Naughty by Nature, TLC, Shanice, Snoop Dogg and En Vogue to name a few. I have to have En Vogue on my playlist. The “Funky Divas” album. My first “real” music album. I drove my parents nuts by constantly listening to it. Since I’m their first and only they really didn’t understand it. I can’t believe I remember all those songs by memory all these years later. My inner child loves this playlist she eats it up.

The bare feet and messy hair show her untamed side. Back when I used to try and reach out to people and try and make connections. It made me remember before I got really neurotic. I’d like to do that again but part of me just can’t.

This is your life live it your own way.

Problematic? — July 11, 2019


The funny thing is that ever since I left that store has been having problems. Not that it didn’t before. It just seems worse. First off they are still remodeling and every time my mom or I go there they are having a problem in the store. Maybe this is a sign I should not return? ūü§∑

I’ve been working on some epic Spotify playlists. The funny thing is that they each represent a different time in my life. I’ll go more into detail on that in another blog.

Half the Time — July 10, 2019
Back with College Knowledge — July 8, 2019

Back with College Knowledge

I had this scheme that I was going to go to my old job and leave a resume with the HR office to show I finally graduated. First of all my mom didn’t say this scheme was dumb or anything like that. She actually supported it which was strange. I would have done it last week but the HR office was closed.

When I came in today it was open, so I dropped it off. He told me to apply on the website. Which is true and I did it. But there is one flaw with the website there is no education section. Maybe that’s why when I worked there it seemed like a lot of people there could not read very well. I figure what’s the worse that could happen? They don’t rehire me? *shrugs* ūü§∑

And Happy Birthday to Andy Fletcher!

Personality Journal Blog Entry 30 — July 6, 2019

Personality Journal Blog Entry 30

I’m back with another entry from the personality journal.

My Year at a Glance

So you know what I’m not going to start at January 1st. From July 6th 2018 to July 6th 2019. The last blog I wrote about on the 6th on 2018 was about blind bag ponies.
I was getting acquainted with the people on the Depeche Mode discord. There was a heat wave. I think it was the hottest it got in 2018?

Ok so here are the prompts.

Coolest place I went: Nowhere? (I can think of)

Things I learned about myself this past year: That I could graduate college and get a job. Even if it only lasted for about 2 months. That I was already whimsical.

My biggest obstacle this past year: Keeping the job and graduating college.

Most drastic change: Graduating college.

One thing from the year I would take back: Quitting my job at the deli.

My most difficult task of this year: Working in the deli.

Cheeza Crackers Review — July 5, 2019
Last 4th of July of the Millennium — July 3, 2019

Last 4th of July of the Millennium

I found an old diary entry from the 4th of July 1999. I’m not gonna post it word for word here because it reads like it was written by a Pokemon obsessed 15 year old which it was.

Besides me complaining about all the fireworks being set off and not getting any sleep. There wasn’t much I had to say. One of my little cousins almost set the trash on fire because he threw away a smoldering Morning Glory firework. And for some reason I thought that was hilarious.

Get your summer of ’99 feels by listening to “Beautiful Stranger” or “What’s my age Again?”.

Maybe I should try and post some #TBT tomorrow on Instagram. Some American themed ones like the Boston Tea Party or something like that or a picture of Taft.

I’m Not Complaining Really — July 2, 2019

I’m Not Complaining Really

You work so hard to find out the major you studied for is a joke!? I find this disheartening.

My parents are mad that I think that. I really didn’t know communications was a joke degree for people who aren’t good at anything else. Ok so maybe that describes me. I was never good at the STEM subjects even in high school and they bored me.

My dad got mad because he said that I should be proud I accomplished something. Then he got mad because I said all the school website recommended was to sell insurance.