Rival Store Chain — August 31, 2019

Rival Store Chain

So I finally got an interview for a rival store chain. I have been trying to apply to work for them since I quit my job at the deli about a year ago. I heard they treat their employees better than the store chain I used to work at. I applied there thinking I would not get hired. They keep rejecting me from my local location. I didn’t even notice this location until I was going to that last job interview.

I have never shopped at that particular location. But the yelp reviews look ok I guess.

Street Labor — August 30, 2019
Fix Yourself a Drink — August 28, 2019

Fix Yourself a Drink

Had a job interview today. This one went a lot better.

I was not going to be a bumpkin about it like I have been before.
So I fixed myself a drink. I made it really fancy. I mixed lemonade with Sprite and added a few lemon wedges. I didn’t wanna drink it and burp or anything or spill it on my shirt. Although I was wearing a purple one.

This company is kinda sneaky and post applications for certain positions on their website in other languages. I asked them about it but they denied it.

A Dish Washing Position, A Doll Foot Spa, and a Bad Smell — August 27, 2019

A Dish Washing Position, A Doll Foot Spa, and a Bad Smell

So I had a job interview this morning. It was a shopping center I was not familiar with. When I got there the whole shopping center smelled like spoiled milk and rotting garbage. I thought maybe it was because of the hot weather, but I’m not sure.

I did get another Barbie accessory set for $1. they didn’t have many good ones. Only a baby for Babysitter Skipper and some weird looking skirts.
20190827_115616 - Copy

The interview went horribly the guy conducting it seemed agitated like I was wasting his time. If you see my resume (which I did send to this place before I got an email to be interviewed 2 weeks later) and it’s weak then why bother wasting my time and your trying to interview me? It just saves everybody’s time.

I got an email from my pen pal! I love getting emails from him. I thought he forgot about me. I told him I graduated and he congratulated me.

All my Barbie sized dolls are in my storage space. This is sized for Barbies.
20190827_123306 - Copy
These are Stella’s feet. (my Winx Club doll) Her feet are the smallest of all the dolls I have on hand.
20190827_123342 - Copy
My doll with the biggest feet my DJ Pon-3 old style Equestria Girls doll. Her feet barely fit in the foot bath. The eye mask fits none of my dolls on head. Their eyes or heads are too big. It can fit Stella, but her head is still small. The towel feels velvety. It’s not terrycloth. The orange thing looks like a curry comb you know for grooming horses. And a round brush.
20190827_123104 - Copy

I tried Watermelon Crush it’s so good! It tasted like a liquefied lollipop.

I got rejected from this job I interviewed for.

Leslie Jones is going to be the new host of a rebooted Supermarket Sweep. Well I won’t be watching that. Ok maybe I’ll watch one episode out of curiosity to see if it is a dumpster fire or not.

Reading Writing and Employment — August 25, 2019

Reading Writing and Employment

On Thursday I got a call back from that Warehouse place that I couldn’t find on Tuesday. I explained that the building was not labeled and had no address on it. The guy admitted to that, but I said I wasn’t interested. I’m not going back wandering around trying to find that place. I mean the guy seemed kinda desperate. He sent me like 5 emails about the job in total. Over the course of 3 days.

That place that I missed the call from did eventually return my call the next day. They wanted to schedule some strange time for an interview. So I had to reschedule.

My mom says I’m becoming more pretentious as a writer. Am I? I’m not sure. Why is writing a performance art? I still don’t get this one.

Did You Even Read This? — August 24, 2019

Did You Even Read This?

So I went to a bad interview at the mall. When I get there and say I’m there for the interview. They have no idea who I am or what I’m doing there. (red flag #1) The guy says I didn’t confirm it (which I did red flag #2) The guy asked me a bunch of strange questions. Like bad interviewer ones like this guy had never conducted an interview before. It was like he didn’t even look at my resume. Which I handed him a copy of at the beginning of the interview. (red flag #3) The interview reflected how badly it was run I guess. Sometimes that is a telltale sign. The only good thing I took from it was “If you don’t hear back from us in 3 days you didn’t get the job.”

Since I was at the mall I got some more Japanese melon sodas.

We’ll Get Back to You — August 21, 2019

We’ll Get Back to You

I missed a call for a job interview because I couldn’t hear my phone in another room when I returned the call.
(They never called back)

I tried to cancel my GreenDot card and they wouldn’t let me! It sucks not having credit, and being able to use a real credit card. I let it rip and told them this is why their stock is falling. That they are liars and suck. It’s such scammage!

Trapped in the Deli — August 20, 2019

Trapped in the Deli

The interview for the job at my dad’s favorite restaurant went well I think? They seemed more interested in my availability, and if I was going back to school. Than all the random trivia he wanted me to memorize. When I came there I’d didn’t hear people yelling at each other. AT the deli the default communication method was yelling. If anything. I was told there are usually 6 people working a shift. I’ll believe it when I see it. Because on the weekends like nobody showed up who was scheduled to. That was one of the most stressful things about working there was being alone and getting in trouble from everybody; customers, coworkers, and your bosses. One person cannot do everything. Maybe my bossy coworker could have. As you rise to the top of the ranks on the wings of a headless rotisserie chicken. Like a phoenix! Personally I think she would thrive at this place maybe as much as the store we worked at. My mom advised me that if I did get hired there not to use the methods I learned at the deli. (being a slackass and taking long breaks things like that)

Then I had another interview later on in the day. I was walking around for a half hour looking for the place. I could not find it. The building was not labeled not even with an address. I emailed the guy and said that to cancel the interview. I get a message back saying it’s by the train station. I was by the train station! Oh well. *shrugs*

I Don’t Wanna Say! — August 19, 2019

I Don’t Wanna Say!

But I forgot so here is the Barbie dog out of the package. I thought the head was articulated but it’s not.
20190818_112054 - Copy
Here is a picture of my Stella doll with the dog. I was supposed to post this yesterday on her birthday, but I forgot.
20190818_112138 - Copy
And Howleen cause I thought it was funny.

I got a job interview tomorrow at one of my dad’s favorite local restaurants. I don’t like the food there and I think the only reason I applied there was because of my skills. I had before, but I think they ignored me because of the lack of food card.

My dad asked if I got another interview. I felt like Stewart from MadTV “I don’t wanna say!”

So I have to learn about the “restaurant” from him. He wanted me to say that he had been eating there since the 70s. (I’m not going to say that) And to memorize the menu. Honestly I don’t like the food there. The meat is tasteless and the bread is horrible and chewy in a bad way. The bakery I worked at made better bread than that.

I sort of had a feeling he would make a big deal about it and might be disappointed if I don’t get the job there.

Don’t Get Salad Dressing on my Resume — August 17, 2019

Don’t Get Salad Dressing on my Resume

I got an email yesterday for a job interview I usually don’t do weekend interviews because they usually end badly and stuff. But I’m desperate for work. I pretty much have been cold applying to various restaurants and stores on their websites if there is an option to do it.

It was one of the stranger interviews I’ve been to and I’ve been through some pretty strange ones. So I get there and say I’m there for the interview the worker points to some lady in the back of the restaurant eating a salad. I ask about the interview to make sure this is the right person and she is. Ok? 🤔😕 I ask if she wants to finish eating the salad. She says “no” and wants a copy of my resume. She proceeds to interview me while eating a salad and not looking at me while she is doing this. She didn’t even want me to sit and face her. Why did she ask if I still work at the deli? It says I stopped working there in 2018 on my resume. Did she bother to read it? Again no register experience is really hurting me.

When it was over my dad and I went to a dollar store. They had a lot of Barbie stuff there; Toy Story 4 shirts, a spaghetti set, a breakfast set, and spa set and the dog set.

I really wanted all the Barbie stuff there, but I only got the dog set. (I still haven’t opened it)

20190817_162456 - Copy

I knew it looked familiar saw these in a Myfroggystuff video.

Since it was crowded he was getting mad for having to wait for a long time. He is so fucking impatient in regards to everything. If he has to wait in line for more than 3 seconds he complains loudly in line about having to wait. And doesn’t shut up about it. I don’t fucking care anymore and yell at him in public about it. You’re over 60 and can’t handle this? How do you live? Really?

Yesterday it’s been one year since I worked my first day at the deli. The thing I’m not counting that place I only worked one day at. Which makes me sad because I have not had a job since. I’m getting really worried.

Todd in the Shadows did a video on “You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals.

I love this song! Reminds me of freshman year of high school.

Come to think of it watching the music video for that song reminds me of working at the deli. You know that scene where that lady is in the food court trying to get all the orders for the kids. That was me every time I had to work the front/unload chickens by myself at the deli at 6PM. (watching that scene in the video kinda triggers me a bit)