The interview for the job at my dad’s favorite restaurant went well I think? They seemed more interested in my availability, and if I was going back to school. Than all the random trivia he wanted me to memorize. When I came there I’d didn’t hear people yelling at each other. AT the deli the default communication method was yelling. If anything. I was told there are usually 6 people working a shift. I’ll believe it when I see it. Because on the weekends like nobody showed up who was scheduled to. That was one of the most stressful things about working there was being alone and getting in trouble from everybody; customers, coworkers, and your bosses. One person cannot do everything. Maybe my bossy coworker could have. As you rise to the top of the ranks on the wings of a headless rotisserie chicken. Like a phoenix! Personally I think she would thrive at this place maybe as much as the store we worked at. My mom advised me that if I did get hired there not to use the methods I learned at the deli. (being a slackass and taking long breaks things like that)

Then I had another interview later on in the day. I was walking around for a half hour looking for the place. I could not find it. The building was not labeled not even with an address. I emailed the guy and said that to cancel the interview. I get a message back saying it’s by the train station. I was by the train station! Oh well. *shrugs*