So I had a job interview this morning. It was a shopping center I was not familiar with. When I got there the whole shopping center smelled like spoiled milk and rotting garbage. I thought maybe it was because of the hot weather, but I’m not sure.

I did get another Barbie accessory set for $1. they didn’t have many good ones. Only a baby for Babysitter Skipper and some weird looking skirts.
20190827_115616 - Copy

The interview went horribly the guy conducting it seemed agitated like I was wasting his time. If you see my resume (which I did send to this place before I got an email to be interviewed 2 weeks later) and it’s weak then why bother wasting my time and your trying to interview me? It just saves everybody’s time.

I got an email from my pen pal! I love getting emails from him. I thought he forgot about me. I told him I graduated and he congratulated me.

All my Barbie sized dolls are in my storage space. This is sized for Barbies.
20190827_123306 - Copy
These are Stella’s feet. (my Winx Club doll) Her feet are the smallest of all the dolls I have on hand.
20190827_123342 - Copy
My doll with the biggest feet my DJ Pon-3 old style Equestria Girls doll. Her feet barely fit in the foot bath. The eye mask fits none of my dolls on head. Their eyes or heads are too big. It can fit Stella, but her head is still small. The towel feels velvety. It’s not terrycloth. The orange thing looks like a curry comb you know for grooming horses. And a round brush.
20190827_123104 - Copy

I tried Watermelon Crush it’s so good! It tasted like a liquefied lollipop.

I got rejected from this job I interviewed for.

Leslie Jones is going to be the new host of a rebooted Supermarket Sweep. Well I won’t be watching that. Ok maybe I’ll watch one episode out of curiosity to see if it is a dumpster fire or not.