Kayfabe Fan — September 29, 2019

Kayfabe Fan

I dug out my old Cena shirt I used to wear in like 2005 or 2006 and it still fits or I’ve been too fat for a really long time.

My dad and I watched that Wrestlemaina special I think he was only interested because it was on before the Rams game.
My dad doesn’t really understand professional wrestling. Like I was trying to explain to about how The Undertaker is larger than life. I mean other wrestlers are too, but not in the way Undertaker is, and why everybody was so shocked when he lost at Wrestlemaina and why the streak was so important.

He doesn’t understand how I got into wrestling. You wanna know my secret I get involved in the story lines more than anything. More than watching them wrestle and the violence. I enjoy it when it is used in a redeeming matter. He also didn’t understand why the commentators yell so much. They have to sell the action.

He doesn’t understand the terminology. Like when I told him about “marking out”. He didn’t know what that meant. Other terms like “midcarder”, “work”, “kayfabe”

That Was Not my Bra — September 28, 2019

That Was Not my Bra

My dad tried to lie to me and said that the concert was sold out.

The problem was my dad told me not to take any kind of bag so it was hard to carry everything. He did this a lot.

I won some binoculars.

I got one of those flower seed bead necklaces and a bootleg pikachu sticker.
There were just kids standing around it crying and throwing fits for Pokémon merchandise.

So we had to stuff the necklace and the sticker in the box.

Then they were promoting some event with Santa

and these kids came out and threw candy while Christmas music played.

Somebody threw a bra up on stage.

Happy Earth Day Pikachu! — September 27, 2019

Happy Earth Day Pikachu!

I didn’t feel like blogging for the rest of the week. I had a pretty shitty week. So let’s look back on some 1999 shenanigans.

In 1999 my school had an Earth Day fair. They had games, crafts, overpriced food (typical for a school event), and balloon animals. I’m not sure who threw this it was a club or the school in general.

It was cold that day. I decided to wear a hand me down coat my cousin gave that I thought looked so cool.
It looked like this jacket Gwen Stefani is wearing but it was blue with black fur. I kept petting the fur on it. I decided to finally wear my Pikachu shirt I had bought at the Hot Topic a few months before. The jacket was low cut so the Pikachu face peeked out. So I was wearing this coat paired up with a Pikachu shirt. I thought the fur was going to get really wet in the rain or get ruined but it didn’t. My friend liked it and this punk girl too. My English teacher asked me about Pikachu and I got a complement on the coat from someone else.

At the fair I decided to hang with my friend and her boyfriend getting some third wheel action going. I spent most of my time with them, but I did wander around by myself too. All the balloon animals were 2 girls (from the student government) with a Klutz balloon animal book and a balloon pump that they had just opened when the fair started. I saw them take the shrink wrap off the book. There was a huge line of people wanting balloon animals.The games were free to play. They gave away cheap prizes from the Oriental Trading Company. Things like plastic fish and earth erasers. I liked the plastic fish prize I got it looked like my pet fish.
I ran into my crush he was making a pom pom animal, but not really following the directions. I also ran into my math tutor. Since I was there I made a pom pom animal but it fell apart. The glue didn’t dry. They wanted you to quickly make them and then leave without letting it dry. Then I purposely ran into my crush again. He made a really ugly necklace, but I told him it looked good. But he didn’t comment on my coat. They had live sea animals you could pet and I pet a sea cucumber. I wanted to play a game and some guy running it said “Let the Pokemon girl play.” That was pretty funny. I forgot I was wearing the Pikachu shirt. They sold really greasy Rice Krispy treats. They were so greasy my friend and I could not hold them. And they were wrapped in plastic wrap. They also sold sliced cucumber with chili powder on top. None of that looked appetizing to me and it was overpriced. Then I went back to the balloon animal table because there was no line. They got mad at me. One girl showed me her bruised finger. It was pretty stupid to have them make balloon animals with no knowledge or practice. Very few people got balloon animals.

In Spanish class people were throwing the erasers they gave as prizes at each other. Those erasers were pretty big over 1 inch big. The guy that sat across from me spent the whole class period doing that. I wonder what happened to that guy? My teacher had no control of this class ever; it was pretty dangerous.

In math class I was the first person there but got in trouble for still being late. My class before math was on the other side of campus. I was quite cheerful and speaking clearly. Usually in math class I was in a dreary mood and mumbled a lot. Then I balanced a pencil on my upper lip like Usagi does.
(because he used to do it too) My math teacher said “Only one person can be weird in the class.” He saw a balloon dog those girls made at the fair that somebody had in the class. He said it was made wrong. He tried to troubleshoot it. The dog had no back legs. He said another girl’s hat looked pornographic.

The Crumpled Resume — September 24, 2019
It’s the Job Interview you Went to that Doesn’t Exist — September 23, 2019

It’s the Job Interview you Went to that Doesn’t Exist

Another day another non existent job interview.

I got lost trying to find the place. Stupid google maps! When I finally found it I was a little late. None of that mattered because NOBODY WAS THERE! The door was locked! I thought maybe if I knocked hard enough maybe somebody would hear me, but nothing! I waited around for 10 minutes then left. I wrote them a strongly worded email.

As I was fuming at the bus stop I thought “It’s the Job Interview you Went to that Doesn’t Exist. Why does this sound like the lyrics to ‘Ironic’ or something?” It played in my head in Alanis’ singing voice.

The ride home sucked there was somebody with a bunch of bags of smelly cans and the driver let them on the bus. I hate when that happens the whole bus smells like old stale beer.

Later when I checked my email it told me to come back. It was dated 12:30PM. I may be desperate, but I’m not that stupid. I read that at like 4PM and I was so over that. And of course done with that place.

Did you Need to Know? — September 22, 2019
Boy bands, Boomboxes and Pokemon School Supplies — September 21, 2019

Boy bands, Boomboxes and Pokemon School Supplies

Here’s an old story that happened in July 1999.

I went to the mall that day and I got a Sailor Moon coloring book I love things they are from Korea I have a few more but they are in my storage space.

They used to come with the cutest sticker sheets. This one came with these stickers which I put in my clear binder for my sophomore year of high school. Look at them. Aren’t they cute? With those chibi sailors.

IMG_0016 - Copy

I got a new radio too. My dad said my old radio didn’t have a balance knob. It also had detachable speakers. I got it because the CD portion of my radio died on me and I think the radio part did too. (not my actual radio this is a picture of a similar model I found online)

koss-cassettecd-boombox-1_23122016318493311884 - Copy

Then we went to the local Target. I saw they had Pokemon school supplies. I was gonna be the coolest kid in 10th grade with these pictures on my notebook and folders. I only got notebooks and folders. I was not really interested in getting other Pokemon supplies like erasers or pencils.

e8dd0eed-8310-4e58-a745-1abb7cea8ec2_1.02647df828c44eb783276ef8f245a91b - Copy

1167039 - Copy

And I couldn’t forget the subject tabs for my binder. But those were plain and had nothing to do with Pokemon. And a stuffed pikachu which is not school supplies. It was just so cute!

We saw this large group of girls gathered in the store. My dad asked what it was about. They were there to see the boy band MDO. Who were a spinoff from the group Menudo. I saw some girls from my school in the crowd. My dad asked if I wanted to meet them but I said no. The group were in the garden section of the store.

When I got the radio home my dad told me to detach the speakers, but that was a dumb idea because there was nowhere in my room to put them. After that I never detached the speakers. I enjoyed putting the pikachu on the speakers. I played with that pikachu all day. Eventually that radio died on me in like 2008. The speakers were going out or maybe it was the volume.

I’ve had that pikachu for 20 years now. A pal and confidant who knows many of my secrets.

You can read about me reminiscing about this story in this old blog.


No Confused Callers — September 20, 2019

No Confused Callers

I didn’t get a call back from that restaurant with the annoying interviewer. Which was great I didn’t want to work there. I think I was too confusing to the interviewer. They can hire some less confusing person. After the interview I read the yelp page for that place at night lots of drug activity goes on there.

That place and the place where the guy skated badly at I’m happy I didn’t get a call back from these places.

Forget You! — September 18, 2019

Forget You!

I went to a non existent job interview. I hate when this happens! It’s happened to me a few times before. I usually just storm out.

When I get there the employee is doing something and busy I didn’t mind to wait. She didn’t have a good grasp of English she kept trying to get me to order something. I kept telling her I was there for the job interview. All she could tell me was “No!” So this goes on for a while. Then she panics and calls the manager. He’s not even there! Physically. Then she asks my name and hands me the phone. He tells me he forgot about the job interview today. I think “If he didn’t respect me enough to remember the interview and we set this up on Sunday.” and that this person would be a terrible boss. He wanted to reschedule for tomorrow. I had to hold my composure and not say something like “I WASTED MY TIME TO GO OUT HERE AND YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE INTERVIEW?! WHY WOULD I WANT TO WORK FOR A FORGETFUL IDIOT LIKE YOU?! FUCK OFF!” What I really said was “I don’t want this job anymore, ok bye!” It felt great to do that.

Ok maybe I acted a little sassy like potato guy but this was for a potential job and not potatoes.

Oh yeah and I got a rejection from that place I interviewed for on Monday. I think my availability did hurt me. I would have needed to be available from 6am-4am.


How Do You Even Have a Job? — September 17, 2019

How Do You Even Have a Job?

I should really stop going to last minute job interviews. Because it sucks because they scheduled it for the next day. I got the call yesterday while at the bus depot. And the buses were charging and there was gardening going on there.

All the chaos that went on in the morning at home was a sign not to go.

I went to this last minute job interview. The guy who interviewed me didn’t have a name tag. This guy was so stupid! He kept telling me he didn’t understand what I meant. Like why was I available all day. Because I don’t have a job or go to school. I noticed when he was taking notes he spelled my name wrong. I was watching him take notes with all the misspellings. He didn’t bother to read my resume which I handed him a copy of. He thought I still worked at the deli and asked what my major was which is also on my resume. He also asked my didn’t I have a job in communications. You can’t get a communications job with just an associates. When I asked what a typical day was like he went in detail about every minutiae about it. I wanted to yell at him to stop talking. The only question he could answer was what was the pay.

I was so pissed off I wanted to just walk out right there. You know that’s what I need to start doing walk out of interviews I mean if they really suck or they tell me some weird shit. That is one thing I’ve never done before but I want to do.

I know that restaurant is terrible my dad and I have been there a few times under both the old and new management and it still sucks. The only reason I think it stays open is because it’s near a freeway.

Now I have to ask myself do I need to be this desperate? And what is the difference between desperate and hungry?

The most frustrating part was how does somebody like this even have a job? And I don’t? FUCK THE WORLD!