I finally got my degree in the mail. (I thought I wouldn’t get it till December. I just wish they had done more than just place it in a cardboard mailer with out a frame or case or anything) Communications is liberal arts?! Ugh! At least it’s over with.

Then I can dance and chant like Homer from The Simpsons.


I plan on doing that with this degree once I get one from a hobbyist education program. Which in one of the ads for one says “suitable for framing”. About all the grief, heartache and stress it has brought me so far. Even more than college. And the sunk cost fallacy.

Or maybe even listening some Uncanny Alliance.

I really wanted to cancel my interview with the rival store. But I didn’t because I really wanna work there. There were a lot of problems before I got there. When I got there the worker I asked about where to go was very rude to me and gave me some vague ass directions. I wandered around the store until another employee gave me the correct directions. As I was looking around I have to say my local location of this chain wishes it was this nice. It was clean and well stocked. The makeup section looked great. As I was foolish wandering around the store I heard “Looking Hot” by No Doubt. Then I finally found it.

As I was waiting the workers just seemed happier there. I didn’t pick up on a feeling of dread from them. I apologized for my appearance. The interview went ok I guess? She bragged about how she only shopped at the store she worked at. I wouldn’t blame you. Seriously, don’t buy rotisserie chickens from there. She said you would be cross trained that’s what they told me at the other place. I’ll believe it when I see it.

When I was waiting for the bus to go home. I saw a restaurant and I decided to apply there when I got home. There are not many from that chain around here.

So I do when I get back. Then I get a call less than an hour later from submitting it asking me if I could come into for an interview today. I had to turn it down, but could come in tomorrow.

Found out Kip Addotta died last month. 😢🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🐙🐚🦐🦑💧🌊

Kip Addotta Dies: Comedian Appeared On ‘The Tonight Show’, Was 75

I saw the movie Big Fish. It’s one of those movies that everybody says “It’s so great you have to see it!” At first when I watched it I thought it was some kind of Forest Gump knockoff movie. By the time he went to that idyllic Southern town for the first time I realized what it was an INFP porn movie. Ok “INFP porn” is too strong. There is no porn in this movie. INFP ascetics? But it’s a Burton film so you would expect that. Once the ringmaster turned into a werewolf I lost interest. And it was way too long. It was ok I guess. *shrugs* Like people said about Forest Gump, Lost in Translation, and Apollo 13. *shrugs*