So I went to my job interview today. When I get there I see this guy sweeping, but he is walking “funny”. I can’t see him very well because the street is on a hill. When I get down the hill and get a better view of him he is not walking, but skating and very awkwardly at that. He had a hard time sweeping and maneuvering on the skates.

(in the application it asks if you want to wear skates, but you could also do the job on your feet. I asked not to wear them when I read the question filling out the thing and said “Aw Hell NO!” aloud as I read it)

He was doing all of this on inline skates. Which is funny since the company website showed the people in quad skates.

Then he catches me looking for a door. There is no actual restaurant just where they prepare the food. He asks if I have a question and skates towards me but falls backwards. I wanted to laugh so badly but didn’t in case I get a job there and he remembers that. I don’t wanna leave a bad impression. I asked if he was ok then he got up and skated away. He told me he was going to get the manager, but some customers came.

I didn’t want to be mean, but bad skater guy was ignoring me. So I ask if I have an interview or not cause I was ready to leave. Eventually the manager comes out.

He starts to interview me and say the internet is down there, but he can interview me with pen and paper. He gets a call from his boss and he says everything is broken over the phone to him.

This was our conversation:
Him: When is the earliest you can come in?
Me: 8am 7am? I can’t go any earlier.
Him: Is this a transportation issue? (makes a disappointed sound) Do you have black slacks?
Me: I don’t have some but I can get some. (thinking) What? Those aren’t that hard to get. (Notices he’s wearing black basketball shorts.)
Him: (makes a disappointed sound) How much notice do you need to give?
Me: None, I can work tomorrow.
Him: (he lights up)
Me: But I have a DMV appointment on Monday. I scheduled this appointment months in advance.
Him :(makes a disappointed sound)
Me: But I can come in Tuesday.

If I can tell your place sucks by only being here for 20 minutes and it’s not crowded says a lot.

The guy brags about hiring 45 people in June. A weird flex, but ok? How many of these people actually stayed? No really. I waned to know. That is a lot of people for that restaurant. It’s not like a huge store or something. According to him only 4 people left because it was not a good fit. He didn’t fire anybody. Then it’s 55. Then he ups the number to 70 something. Ok…🤔🙄

It’s been really hot and humid and I’m glad I don’t work at that job I lasted one day at.