I had my DMV appointment today which really wasn’t one. I kept getting in trouble for things I didn’t know I needed to do. It took so long it there. First I had to sign in. Then wait to go to the window. Then get my picture taken, and finally take the test. It took me a short 2 and a half hours.

When I have to take my vision test I think I can wing it, but I can’t. I get told to stick my eyes in this thing. I don’t know who stuck their eyes in that! After people use those somebody should wipe them down. The lady kept asking me where’s my glasses. I told her at least 3 times I don’t have any. What part of that did she not understand? She was just frustrating me. I was so ready to walk out.

So now I have to get glasses and bring them back to the DMV. 😭

They give tests on the computer now. I failed it the first time I took it. I remembered 2 of the questions I got wrong when I missed them on the test when I took it when I was in high school. The one about parking and turning the front wheels of the car and one about hazardous materials. So I passed the test in 2 tries like I did when I was back in high school. At least they let you take it again or at least the guy running it didn’t notice and let me do it. Which is better because you don’t have to schedule another appointment to take it again. Plus I found a few flaws in their system. I think the computer only has one test in it. Not like the old written ones where there were different versions of it.

I’m so happy to be doing this. It gets me one step closer to my secret hobby. Or I can take those shifts that start at 3AM.

Something strange happened at night I was relaxing watching Penn and Teller Fool Us. When I get a call. And it’s after 8PM because this show is on and it comes on at 8. I get a call that is rapidly spoken to me telling me to come in for an interview. I was just there a month ago. I know who this person is they were the person who interviewed me last month. My mom thinks it didn’t work out with some other employee. Well it’s not like I’ve had a job between now and then. I just chalked it up last time as another interview I went to and then got ghosted because they didn’t want me. Should I be suspicious? Cause I kinda am.