I woke up early because they were moving the trucks they use for the street repair at almost 4AM. I was tired all day.

I went to the mall to get a new MP3 player. I have been meaning to get one since last year. It was on sale too. Double the capacity of my old one.


I saw this bootleg Detective Pikachu at the mall. It’s a squishy. I know cause I squished it. I didn’t really have a lot of time to browse the mall.

I got this Rescue Rangers video at the thrift store. I forgot about the box set I have. Oh well it’s a nice little collectors item. Gadget is on the back of the box. The box is glossy so it was hard to photograph.

20190911_123200 - Copy

20190911_123213 - Copy

I didn’t have time to set up the MP3 player because I had to go to that job interview. I really didn’t want to go to that job interview. There were red flags all around; the late call, the urgency in the message, and ghosting me for a month and then contacting me.

So I stupidly went to the interview. When I get there they are not ready for me. They say the manager is not even there. Not surprised. I was waiting  I’m just looking at some random Halloween items in the store. Why should I expect it to be on time? The last one wasn’t. The manager sees me and congratulates me on my second interview. Second interview my ass! I’m not buying it. Somebody left. I got interviewed by 2 different people the assistant managers. Luckily my lack of cash register experience is hurting me, but I don’t mind in this situation. They start whispering to each other about having only one cashier. They are trying to not make it sound like they are understaffed when they really are. They mostly seemed to want somebody who could work “anytime” and on holiday and to be “on call”. They asked about a bad customer service experience, so I did get to tell the potato story again.

When I told my dad about the interview. He told me some story about how he got a job because some guy got hit by a car. That’s not what this is about. See? He misconstrued something again. My parents say this is an opportunity, but I don’t believe them.

My dad tries to stroke my ego by telling me I’m so smart. Smarter than my bosses or some shit like that.  That doesn’t work anymore! He used that shit to get me to stay at the deli for a few more days.

If I’m not hired by them and still don’t have a job in October and get a call from them. I’m not falling for this shit.

When I finally got to open the player. The instructions said I needed to charge it for 3 hours. XoX I haven’t put anything on it.