This story starts all the way back in the spring of 1998 and is very convoluted. This story is about Fern. Who I mentioned in this blog entry.

My dad gets a call one Saturday morning from Fern who said her dad had tickets to a Kings game. When I overheard him talking on the phone. (Her dad and my dad liked hockey. I forgot how they met maybe at a school function or something?) I freaked out ran around the house at first. Then I panicked and hid under the overs in my bed. I didn’t know what to do. Then I thought I was going to be stuck with her for at least 3 hours. Isn’t that how long most hockey games are? I imagined they would have the 2 dads sit next to each other and then have me and Fern sit next to each other. And all the things she would do to me including hair petting, grabbing my arm, the squealing noises. And out fathers ignoring us enjoying the hockey game.

I knew I was being punished for something. I started to cry. Then my dad heard me crying he asked why I was. I said I didn’t want to spend a whole a hockey game with Fern. He was trying to convince me to go because it was free and they were playing the Red Wings and we were going to be on tv. Nothing he could tell me could convince me to go. He was very disappointed and called to decline the offer. He told me she would have gone too.

After all that happened I called one of my friends and told him the story. He said if that happened to him he would have cried too.

There is a lot more to the story but it’s not relevant to the blog.

The funny thing was I used that story for a school project. Well a more detailed version of it. I think the assignment was write a story about you and your family. The teacher put limitations on it and it had to be a real story. So I used that. But everybody in my class seemed to like it, and Fern was not in that class.

So he really wanted to see a hockey game and he did eventually about a year later in 1999.

Before we went my dad told me some crazy things like it was really cold in there and to layer my shirts. Which I did and was so overheated there. The Y-107 van was there. I was looking for celebrities to be there. But I didn’t see anybody I recognized there. The game was gonna start and the Zamboni was smoothing the ice and I wanted to get a better look at it. The security guy doesn’t let me get further to the end of the seating aisle. He asks why I wanted to get closer. I say I want to see the Zamboni. He says to my dad and me “Who’s Zamboni? Which team does he play for?” The guy working security thought Zamboni was a player. XD

It was when Wayne Gretzky played his last game and the pregame ceremonies were on. The Kings had an early game at 12 noon. When he was giving this speech we were buying concessions. But it was on all the tvs at The Forum. He was saying about how great it is to be a Ranger. When he did. It was so funny everybody booed him at The Forum. You would have thought he would have said “Oiler”. Since that was the first NHL team he played with. There was only one fight between the players during the game.

This is a good hockey joke to tell people. 😄🏒

Here is his speech (this is not my video) (notice how they cut to The Forum a few times)