I had a job interview today at a hotel. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I’ve been to plenty bad hotel interviews. When I get there the desk receptionist points me in the wrong direction. But I used this to my advantage. When you can listen in on interview questions it helps. (no matter how stupid they are) The person they were interviewing before me really hit it off with the interviewers. Apparently they both used to work at the same fast food chain. I never have that kind of luck. I don’t recall that ever happening to me at any job interview about anything I did. Nobody has looked at my resume and said “You worked at (name of chain store I did too! Awesome!)” For that matter anything else regarding my background.

Look at the hours of operation of this place. And opening shift has to come in at 6am.

20190916_115239 - Copy

Companies want you available all of the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME! Once I can drive I can communicate this to potential employers. That I have literally no life and can come in anytime. I was trying to tell this to my mom but she didn’t believe me.

The interview went badly. I can feel it. They asked dumb questions, we didn’t hit it off, and I could not stay until 4AM. I did tell the potato story again. I said I don’t like “spoiled bratty customers” and that deli and the whole store was flooded with them including people who worked there who bought deli food.

When it was over I really wanted a hamburger because the bus stop is by a hamburger place. I could smell it. But I can’t spend money. My mom got mad at me for trying to get the last little bit from a shaving cream can. I saw there was already somebody waiting at the bus stop across the street. I couldn’t see them very well. I thought it was just some random person from the area or something. When I cross the street and get closer I see it’s the person they interviewed before me. That never happened before. Or at least I didn’t notice. She asks how the interview went. I gave her a vague ass answer. I’m not gonna say that it went badly. I gotta be like a parrot who hides their injuries. I think I bombed it. Plus I looked a little aloof because I reading something funny in my phone. She asked when the bus was coming. You know if you are going to use the bus as your transportation for this job you should have some idea when it gets there. Well if we see each other we both got the job and if one is there and not the other then one of us got it and one of us didn’t.

When I was walking home I saw this little one. It looked like it posed for me. My phone did not capture the colors on it.