I should really stop going to last minute job interviews. Because it sucks because they scheduled it for the next day. I got the call yesterday while at the bus depot. And the buses were charging and there was gardening going on there.

All the chaos that went on in the morning at home was a sign not to go.

I went to this last minute job interview. The guy who interviewed me didn’t have a name tag. This guy was so stupid! He kept telling me he didn’t understand what I meant. Like why was I available all day. Because I don’t have a job or go to school. I noticed when he was taking notes he spelled my name wrong. I was watching him take notes with all the misspellings. He didn’t bother to read my resume which I handed him a copy of. He thought I still worked at the deli and asked what my major was which is also on my resume. He also asked my didn’t I have a job in communications. You can’t get a communications job with just an associates. When I asked what a typical day was like he went in detail about every minutiae about it. I wanted to yell at him to stop talking. The only question he could answer was what was the pay.

I was so pissed off I wanted to just walk out right there. You know that’s what I need to start doing walk out of interviews I mean if they really suck or they tell me some weird shit. That is one thing I’ve never done before but I want to do.

I know that restaurant is terrible my dad and I have been there a few times under both the old and new management and it still sucks. The only reason I think it stays open is because it’s near a freeway.

Now I have to ask myself do I need to be this desperate? And what is the difference between desperate and hungry?

The most frustrating part was how does somebody like this even have a job? And I don’t? FUCK THE WORLD!