I went to a non existent job interview. I hate when this happens! It’s happened to me a few times before. I usually just storm out.

When I get there the employee is doing something and busy I didn’t mind to wait. She didn’t have a good grasp of English she kept trying to get me to order something. I kept telling her I was there for the job interview. All she could tell me was “No!” So this goes on for a while. Then she panics and calls the manager. He’s not even there! Physically. Then she asks my name and hands me the phone. He tells me he forgot about the job interview today. I think “If he didn’t respect me enough to remember the interview and we set this up on Sunday.” and that this person would be a terrible boss. He wanted to reschedule for tomorrow. I had to hold my composure and not say something like “I WASTED MY TIME TO GO OUT HERE AND YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE INTERVIEW?! WHY WOULD I WANT TO WORK FOR A FORGETFUL IDIOT LIKE YOU?! FUCK OFF!” What I really said was “I don’t want this job anymore, ok bye!” It felt great to do that.

Ok maybe I acted a little sassy like potato guy but this was for a potential job and not potatoes.

Oh yeah and I got a rejection from that place I interviewed for on Monday. I think my availability did hurt me. I would have needed to be available from 6am-4am.