Here’s an old story that happened in July 1999.

I went to the mall that day and I got a Sailor Moon coloring book I love things they are from Korea I have a few more but they are in my storage space.

They used to come with the cutest sticker sheets. This one came with these stickers which I put in my clear binder for my sophomore year of high school. Look at them. Aren’t they cute? With those chibi sailors.

IMG_0016 - Copy

I got a new radio too. My dad said my old radio didn’t have a balance knob. It also had detachable speakers. I got it because the CD portion of my radio died on me and I think the radio part did too. (not my actual radio this is a picture of a similar model I found online)

koss-cassettecd-boombox-1_23122016318493311884 - Copy

Then we went to the local Target. I saw they had Pokemon school supplies. I was gonna be the coolest kid in 10th grade with these pictures on my notebook and folders. I only got notebooks and folders. I was not really interested in getting other Pokemon supplies like erasers or pencils.

e8dd0eed-8310-4e58-a745-1abb7cea8ec2_1.02647df828c44eb783276ef8f245a91b - Copy

1167039 - Copy

And I couldn’t forget the subject tabs for my binder. But those were plain and had nothing to do with Pokemon. And a stuffed pikachu which is not school supplies. It was just so cute!

We saw this large group of girls gathered in the store. My dad asked what it was about. They were there to see the boy band MDO. Who were a spinoff from the group Menudo. I saw some girls from my school in the crowd. My dad asked if I wanted to meet them but I said no. The group were in the garden section of the store.

When I got the radio home my dad told me to detach the speakers, but that was a dumb idea because there was nowhere in my room to put them. After that I never detached the speakers. I enjoyed putting the pikachu on the speakers. I played with that pikachu all day. Eventually that radio died on me in like 2008. The speakers were going out or maybe it was the volume.

I’ve had that pikachu for 20 years now. A pal and confidant who knows many of my secrets.

You can read about me reminiscing about this story in this old blog.