Another day another non existent job interview.

I got lost trying to find the place. Stupid google maps! When I finally found it I was a little late. None of that mattered because NOBODY WAS THERE! The door was locked! I thought maybe if I knocked hard enough maybe somebody would hear me, but nothing! I waited around for 10 minutes then left. I wrote them a strongly worded email.

As I was fuming at the bus stop I thought “It’s the Job Interview you Went to that Doesn’t Exist. Why does this sound like the lyrics to ‘Ironic’ or something?” It played in my head in Alanis’ singing voice.

The ride home sucked there was somebody with a bunch of bags of smelly cans and the driver let them on the bus. I hate when that happens the whole bus smells like old stale beer.

Later when I checked my email it told me to come back. It was dated 12:30PM. I may be desperate, but I’m not that stupid. I read that at like 4PM and I was so over that. And of course done with that place.