I dug out my old Cena shirt I used to wear in like 2005 or 2006 and it still fits or I’ve been too fat for a really long time.

My dad and I watched that Wrestlemaina special I think he was only interested because it was on before the Rams game.
My dad doesn’t really understand professional wrestling. Like I was trying to explain to about how The Undertaker is larger than life. I mean other wrestlers are too, but not in the way Undertaker is, and why everybody was so shocked when he lost at Wrestlemaina and why the streak was so important.

He doesn’t understand how I got into wrestling. You wanna know my secret I get involved in the story lines more than anything. More than watching them wrestle and the violence. I enjoy it when it is used in a redeeming matter. He also didn’t understand why the commentators yell so much. They have to sell the action.

He doesn’t understand the terminology. Like when I told him about “marking out”. He didn’t know what that meant. Other terms like “midcarder”, “work”, “kayfabe”