Give, you know it’s Labor Day — September 1, 2019

Give, you know it’s Labor Day

Funny thing is since I don’t have a job or go to school right now I totally forgot it was Labor Day. I was looking forward to some special radio programming and stuff.

When I look back on it and think about it now. I can now see how at the deli they thought what a bad worker I was less than a month into it. Pretty much all the good kiss ass workers got the coveted Labor Day shift. Even somebody who got fired a few weeks later.

But my new plan is to be such a kiss ass to my new boss my nose is totally brown. I think kissing up to management was something I didn’t do that really hurt me.

I was feeling discouraged and I thought about the song “Give”. I forgot how great that song is. Then I was thinking about writing another World fan fic since I haven’t in a while and the next one chronologically would be a Christmas/New Years story. Because what would a World holiday fic be without a Rockapella holiday song? They have so many. Plus I had started writing it a while ago, but never finished it.

My mom is getting worked up about my secret hobby and telling me to quit it. Screw that! So I’m just pretending I’m giving it up but not really. I have been working on this for about 4 years. So she doesn’t know all the work I have put into it before I had told her about it after I finished school and thought I was somewhat free to work on it.