No Tricks — October 31, 2019

No Tricks

I got to see part of The Price is Right is was a 1950s themed Halloween episode. I hate when people do that in general I’m a (name of decade baby) I was alive for the last 5 months of said decade. If you were born in 1999 that doesn’t make you a 90s kid.

My job interview today went well. I was shocked. The guy even gave me a free soda. It made me think about that episode of the Ducktales reboot when Webby can’t keep her cool at the Funzo’s fun Zone. Then I tried this other restaurant in the same shopping plaza. The only reason I went there in person is because it said that they don’t take online applications. When I went in to ask if they were hiring the people there were so rude and lazy. No wonder the place was almost empty. There were some other bad reviews as well that mentioned the same thing. So I’m not alone here.

Halloween 99 (I’m not Butterfree) —

Halloween 99 (I’m not Butterfree)

This story stars on the 29th of October because Halloween fell on a Sunday that year. Which was a Friday which would have been the most logical day to wear a costume to school. I copied something I saw in a music video that had noting to do with Pokémon. It was my fault for making a costume that was too ambiguous looking.

This old blog has part of the story.

By this year I was more acquainted with the school traditions and how Halloween was celebrated there. Including couples costumes.

In 1st period we had a costume contest. I lost to a guy dressed as a dead cafeteria worker or something like that. The rumor was that the school’s hamburgers were made of corpse meat from the funeral parlor that was down the street from the school. (This was before Bob’s Burgers made it popular) that and pigeon meat. Nobody knew why the burger meat was grey.

One of the straps of my wings broke, but I repaired it by tying back together. It broke because my backpack was too heavy. Changing for P.E. was hard.

I saw some guy dressed as a Beatle (Ed Sullivan show style with the suit and the mop top) I asked which Beatle he was dressed as and for me to say which one he looked like. I blanked out and couldn’t remember their names. I thought “I think one of them is named John.” John was right so it was ok.

My math teacher was wearing a Vamπre shirt get it? “Vampire”. Ok it’s a math joke I didn’t used to get as a little kid before I knew about pi. Somebody in that class dressed as Angel from Buffy.

I showed my art teacher that I was not dressed as a Pokémon nor was my costume Pokémon related.

One of my friends told me my costume looked nothing like Gwen would wear. She said she was also dressed as Gwen. She looked more like a B-girl. She was wearing a red Adidas warm up jacket, cuffed pedal pusher jeans, and her hair was in pigtail braids. Well you don’t either.

They had a costume contest at lunch I didn’t enter it. Some guy entered it dressed as a Backstreet Boy. That guy looked like he belonged to a boy band even when it was not Halloween. I asked one of my boy band obsessed friends which one he was dressed as and she said Nick. I noticed a lot of the cliques were all dressed as the same thing like faeries or the Pink Ladies.

On Halloween night I had to spend it handing out candy since I neglected reading my book for English class a few weeks before when I went to the Halloween Haunt. I had to read Pride and Prejudice. I think or was is Rebecca? The book doesn’t matter I had to try and read a large chunk of it.

I dressed up my stuffed pikachu and kept it by the candy bowl. Nobody really noticed it except for one person.

My friends came to my door. They invited me to come with them. they said I didn’t really need to put a lot of effort into a costume and they would wait. I mean I really thought about it. But I was so behind on my reading I had to decline.

I was disappointed there were only 2 Pokémon that came to my door. A pikachu and a maskless Charmeleon. I thought there were going to be a lot more Pokémon like at least 10. A teen dressed a Gene Simmons came wearing a Gene mask and a Psycho Circus shirt.

Group Tacos — October 30, 2019

Group Tacos

I went to a group interview today. 🤢🤮

These were the dumb question they asked:
“What is your name and what is something you like to?”

“How would you describe your personal style?”
Honestly that is a tricky thing to answer. Have you seen how I dress in non interview clothes? I know I dress boring! It’s cause I’m poor! And lazy I don’t see the point of putting on everyday makeup for 2 hours. I could spend that time doing something else.

“What motivates you?”
I don’t know? Money? Looking out for myself? Not having bill collectors after me?

“What was an injustice you saw and what did you do about it?”
I guess talking about chicken wings was a weird thing to say? Whateves! I knew I was done for.

I knew I bombed it I hate group interviews. I’m just too polite. People don’t like shy or introverted people! They are the annoying ones! The excuse reason was to see how we all got along. Luckily there were only 3 people being interviewed including me. They said if they liked us we’d get a phone call later tonight.

The stuff at the store looked so cheap and like part of the store was stuck in the 90s. In a bad way. Do people really wanna buy junky candles at a mall for over $10? It’s not the 90s anymore. They didn’t even smell good.

For some reason Google sent me a notification that The Masked Singer was on tonight. Which made me laugh because wouldn’t Google know there is a game 7 of the World Series. And all you Masked Singer fans stop bellyaching. Remember when Fox showed like all the playoffs and you didn’t get to see a new series until like November?

I did make it back in time to get a free taco. Sorry about the photo quality there was bad lighting. I do like the baseball themed packaging.
Too bad you can’t get ranch flavored shell anymore. RIP ranch flavored Locos Taco. 😭 You could have a choice of a plain shell or the Doritos Locos Taco.

That was the weird thing this World Series nobody won a game at home. Congrats to the Nationals?

In case you are wondering I did not get a phone call.

Punky Princess —

Punky Princess

In 1989 I wanted to be Punky Brewster for Halloween. So my mom essentially did a found cosplay. The costume was the younger version of Punky who wore the pigtails and the vest. We went to the Pic n Save and bought accessories for the costume. We got some random buttons and some ponytail holders. I didn’t like things we got. But to my mom they were “close enough”. Found one of the holders.

I wore this garish looking sweatshirt that had all these flowers on it in red, yellow, blue and green.
I had the red bandana on my leg. A rolled up pant leg. The red vest with the buttons on it. It was kinda show accurate. I really wanted to wear my purple vest. I loved that stupid purple vest. I liked it so much I wore it in the summer. You know I’d love to get a seamstress to remake me a larger version to wear now. It was made out of lavender corduroy. But the thing that made this vest really special was that it had an applique of a gumball machine on the side. The “glass” part was an enclosed vinyl pocket that had flat colorful buttons inside to be the “gum”. I still don’t know why she wouldn’t let me wear that one. It was so much cuter. I don’t know why she made me wear the red vest she made.

I thought it was outdated. Nobody at school I knew watched the show. Or they didn’t admit to it. By 1989 they had stopped producing new episodes. I wore another costume to school. My mom quickly whipped up a princess costume. I got to wear my fancy address again I was going to wear it for picture day including the class picture which I was sick for. I did wear that pink dress for makeup picture day. And I wore a homemade pointy princess hat.

Here is a crayon drawing of my Punky costume inspired by Matt’s Halloween drawings in crayon.

Trick-or-Treating Memories. In Crayon.

20191011_194843 - Copy

Are you Trying to Negotiate? — October 29, 2019

Are you Trying to Negotiate?

I had an interview and they got mad because I couldn’t work until 11PM. It was funny when they said my last job sounded like chaos. Oh it was and how. It sucks too because I really wanted to work at that store.

I went to Taco Bell after. I saw an ad for the Birthday Baja Blast. Then I ask the guy how is it different from the regular one? He says it’s nothing special. Way to sell this item Taco Bell guy! Then when I asked again again he said the drink had sprinkles in it. I didn’t order one since that sounds disgusting to me.

I get a call about a different job. My mom is listening to me tell them the hours I put I wanted to work on their website can’t be changed. If I mean I can’t work past 9PM I mean it. Don’t try to negotiate it. Better I did this over the phone than wasting my time go out to this location? And I like said before those shifts are available because nobody wants them.

When you are Hot? — October 28, 2019

When you are Hot?

Now I’m getting interviews again. What? How? Over the past few days I had been applying to 6 jobs a day or tried to. I try not to let the broken websites bother me so much anymore.

The World Series has been ok I guess But I’m disappointed nothing strange has happened. I’m working hard to finish my Halloween blogs.

What else do I have to say?

Barbie Blush — October 25, 2019

Barbie Blush

This started out at an Instagram #TBT post but it was too big to fit.

Sometime in the late 80s my parents bought me a basket full of toiletries. I forget where exactly we got it but it was like a Ross or a TJ Maxx or some place like that. We figured it was there because none of the characters on the items matched.

It came with a bunch of different things from of bunch of different properties like Popples, Strawberry Shortcake, the Muppets, Hugga bunch, etc. I have pictures of a few of the things.

Here are the items I’m writing about from memory:
Hugga Bunch mini soap bars x2
Strawberry Shortcake shampoo (strawberry scented)
Strawberry Shortcake lipstick (either strawberry scented or flavored)
Nosy Bears blush in a compact
20191014_205254 - Copy
Popples heart shaped comb
popple comb
Popples heart shaped mirror
Looney Tunes Bubble bath
candy 023
Lady Lovelylocks foldable brush comb thing (nothing particular special about this thing they just slapped a sticker logo on it)
Muppets; Miss Piggy cologne (this smelled bad to me) I think it was from this line from 1988. It came in purple bottle and the fluid inside was purple.

I forget when I got it but it was definitely before 2nd grade. I loved the Strawberry Shortcake stuff. I think the old Suave strawberry scented shampoo was a close smell-alike to the SSC one. Smelling it made me so nostalgic. I loved the lipstick. I smelled good and felt good. I was upset when it melted in the summer. In the tube not on my face. The Looney Tunes bubble bath smelled like root beer. The blush was great. Sure it looked garish on my face and the shade of pink was unflattering.

One day I dropped the Nosy Bears compact and the blush shattered. I was devastated. My mom said there was no way to save the blush. I saw a commercial for Barbie makeup on tv. And I was in 2nd grade so it was still cool to like Barbie. I was really into her Sun Sensation lipstick. She was the new Barbie new than Hawiian Fun Barbie and a lot more tan than her.
But this blush was different it was cream blush. It came with these 2 stamper sponges in a heart shape and a star shape. I hated the stamps and how it felt on my face. After a while I used to apply the blush with my fingers instead. (you can see the blush behind Barbie it’s that flat thing with the hearts on it)

$1 Shopkins — October 24, 2019

$1 Shopkins

I was going to post a different blog. I decided to write about Shopkins instead. I’m a sucker for $1 Shopkins at the dollar store. Well $1 plus tax. It looked like somebody was hiding them in the display since they were the only 2 I found.
20191024_095525 - Copy
20191024_095917 - Copy
I really wanted some Rapunzel or Minnie stuff, but I got Belle stuff. But this is from the 1st series before they introduced the Rapunzel items.
20191024_100446 - Copy

I also got a non-Disney Happy Places pack. The package looks like a bunny.
20191024_100632 - Copy
I had no idea what these items are. I thought they were creams or shampoo or something, but they are a salt and pepper shaker set with the holder thing.
20191024_101126 - Copy

I remembered Myfroggystuff’s video about these. The blind boxes have to be about 2 years old judging from the date she uploaded the video.

Too bad she can’t make videos like that anymore.

Pick up the Pieces — October 23, 2019

Pick up the Pieces

I decided to just take job hunting slowly. I was planning to slow down in November, but I guess I can do it now. When I tried to apply to a few jobs today most of those companies websites were broken. I tried it a few times and gave up. That is the reason why some of those places are not finding people. It’s broken websites.

I wanted to post a different blog today, but I just can’t seem to finish it. I hope to have my Halloween blogs finished soon so I can post them next week. I have another Pokémon nostalgia blog coming up next month I finished.

So Done With This — October 21, 2019

So Done With This

Went to another terrible interview. At least it was real. This lady spoke with a noticeable lisp and it was hard to understand her. She reads my resume and says you worked at (name of chain store) I have an employee who works there and here too. Do you know Mary? What the hell question is that? I had a hard enough time keeping the names straight of the other people who worked in the deli.

Then she got mad because I can’t work nights. I told her that before. What was worse was that the website for that restaurant had one of those boxes where you checked off the times you wanted to work. Did she bother listening to/reading anything I submitted? When we talked on the phone to set up the interview she said she had days and nights available. What a liar!

That’s it! That was the tipping point! I’m so done with applying to places and interviews. I was gonna wait until Halloween or around there, but nope I’m so done with it. There is no point in looking for a job if I can’t drive and be on call/work late nights.

I was so pissed off I decided to put my availability on my resume. Because why not? It’s not like these people hiring are going to bother to read it anyway.