Maybe I should do what other people do for money and sell drawings for $50 a drawing. If I sell 3 a month I could make a lot of money.

I got a very funny phone call yesterday. Asking me to come in for a job interview. I need to ask where it is because it’s a chain restaurant I applied to including that one; 5 different locations. When he says the location I know it’s this guy. Needless to say I turned it down. Wouldn’t the guy have remembered it ended badly? I did. I may be; stupid, jobless, and desperate, but I don’t forget something that happened to me like that a month ago! (Plus I turned down the job that day on the phone with him after arguing with the lady. Is he that desperate for workers?)
I know maybe he “forgot”. 🤷

Then I told my parents about the phone call and we all had a good laugh.