Went to another terrible interview. At least it was real. This lady spoke with a noticeable lisp and it was hard to understand her. She reads my resume and says you worked at (name of chain store) I have an employee who works there and here too. Do you know Mary? What the hell question is that? I had a hard enough time keeping the names straight of the other people who worked in the deli.

Then she got mad because I can’t work nights. I told her that before. What was worse was that the website for that restaurant had one of those boxes where you checked off the times you wanted to work. Did she bother listening to/reading anything I submitted? When we talked on the phone to set up the interview she said she had days and nights available. What a liar!

That’s it! That was the tipping point! I’m so done with applying to places and interviews. I was gonna wait until Halloween or around there, but nope I’m so done with it. There is no point in looking for a job if I can’t drive and be on call/work late nights.

I was so pissed off I decided to put my availability on my resume. Because why not? It’s not like these people hiring are going to bother to read it anyway.