I was going to post a different blog. I decided to write about Shopkins instead. I’m a sucker for $1 Shopkins at the dollar store. Well $1 plus tax. It looked like somebody was hiding them in the display since they were the only 2 I found.
20191024_095525 - Copy
20191024_095917 - Copy
I really wanted some Rapunzel or Minnie stuff, but I got Belle stuff. But this is from the 1st series before they introduced the Rapunzel items.
20191024_100446 - Copy

I also got a non-Disney Happy Places pack. The package looks like a bunny.
20191024_100632 - Copy
I had no idea what these items are. I thought they were creams or shampoo or something, but they are a salt and pepper shaker set with the holder thing.
20191024_101126 - Copy

I remembered Myfroggystuff’s video about these. The blind boxes have to be about 2 years old judging from the date she uploaded the video.

Too bad she can’t make videos like that anymore.