This started out at an Instagram #TBT post but it was too big to fit.

Sometime in the late 80s my parents bought me a basket full of toiletries. I forget where exactly we got it but it was like a Ross or a TJ Maxx or some place like that. We figured it was there because none of the characters on the items matched.

It came with a bunch of different things from of bunch of different properties like Popples, Strawberry Shortcake, the Muppets, Hugga bunch, etc. I have pictures of a few of the things.

Here are the items I’m writing about from memory:
Hugga Bunch mini soap bars x2
Strawberry Shortcake shampoo (strawberry scented)
Strawberry Shortcake lipstick (either strawberry scented or flavored)
Nosy Bears blush in a compact
20191014_205254 - Copy
Popples heart shaped comb
popple comb
Popples heart shaped mirror
Looney Tunes Bubble bath
candy 023
Lady Lovelylocks foldable brush comb thing (nothing particular special about this thing they just slapped a sticker logo on it)
Muppets; Miss Piggy cologne (this smelled bad to me) I think it was from this line from 1988. It came in purple bottle and the fluid inside was purple.

I forget when I got it but it was definitely before 2nd grade. I loved the Strawberry Shortcake stuff. I think the old Suave strawberry scented shampoo was a close smell-alike to the SSC one. Smelling it made me so nostalgic. I loved the lipstick. I smelled good and felt good. I was upset when it melted in the summer. In the tube not on my face. The Looney Tunes bubble bath smelled like root beer. The blush was great. Sure it looked garish on my face and the shade of pink was unflattering.

One day I dropped the Nosy Bears compact and the blush shattered. I was devastated. My mom said there was no way to save the blush. I saw a commercial for Barbie makeup on tv. And I was in 2nd grade so it was still cool to like Barbie. I was really into her Sun Sensation lipstick. She was the new Barbie new than Hawiian Fun Barbie and a lot more tan than her.
But this blush was different it was cream blush. It came with these 2 stamper sponges in a heart shape and a star shape. I hated the stamps and how it felt on my face. After a while I used to apply the blush with my fingers instead. (you can see the blush behind Barbie it’s that flat thing with the hearts on it)