I had an interview and they got mad because I couldn’t work until 11PM. It was funny when they said my last job sounded like chaos. Oh it was and how. It sucks too because I really wanted to work at that store.

I went to Taco Bell after. I saw an ad for the Birthday Baja Blast. Then I ask the guy how is it different from the regular one? He says it’s nothing special. Way to sell this item Taco Bell guy! Then when I asked again again he said the drink had sprinkles in it. I didn’t order one since that sounds disgusting to me.

I get a call about a different job. My mom is listening to me tell them the hours I put I wanted to work on their website can’t be changed. If I mean I can’t work past 9PM I mean it. Don’t try to negotiate it. Better I did this over the phone than wasting my time go out to this location? And I like said before those shifts are available because nobody wants them.