This story stars on the 29th of October because Halloween fell on a Sunday that year. Which was a Friday which would have been the most logical day to wear a costume to school. I copied something I saw in a music video that had noting to do with Pokémon. It was my fault for making a costume that was too ambiguous looking.

This old blog has part of the story.

By this year I was more acquainted with the school traditions and how Halloween was celebrated there. Including couples costumes.

In 1st period we had a costume contest. I lost to a guy dressed as a dead cafeteria worker or something like that. The rumor was that the school’s hamburgers were made of corpse meat from the funeral parlor that was down the street from the school. (This was before Bob’s Burgers made it popular) that and pigeon meat. Nobody knew why the burger meat was grey.

One of the straps of my wings broke, but I repaired it by tying back together. It broke because my backpack was too heavy. Changing for P.E. was hard.

I saw some guy dressed as a Beatle (Ed Sullivan show style with the suit and the mop top) I asked which Beatle he was dressed as and for me to say which one he looked like. I blanked out and couldn’t remember their names. I thought “I think one of them is named John.” John was right so it was ok.

My math teacher was wearing a Vamπre shirt get it? “Vampire”. Ok it’s a math joke I didn’t used to get as a little kid before I knew about pi. Somebody in that class dressed as Angel from Buffy.

I showed my art teacher that I was not dressed as a Pokémon nor was my costume Pokémon related.

One of my friends told me my costume looked nothing like Gwen would wear. She said she was also dressed as Gwen. She looked more like a B-girl. She was wearing a red Adidas warm up jacket, cuffed pedal pusher jeans, and her hair was in pigtail braids. Well you don’t either.

They had a costume contest at lunch I didn’t enter it. Some guy entered it dressed as a Backstreet Boy. That guy looked like he belonged to a boy band even when it was not Halloween. I asked one of my boy band obsessed friends which one he was dressed as and she said Nick. I noticed a lot of the cliques were all dressed as the same thing like faeries or the Pink Ladies.

On Halloween night I had to spend it handing out candy since I neglected reading my book for English class a few weeks before when I went to the Halloween Haunt. I had to read Pride and Prejudice. I think or was is Rebecca? The book doesn’t matter I had to try and read a large chunk of it.

I dressed up my stuffed pikachu and kept it by the candy bowl. Nobody really noticed it except for one person.

My friends came to my door. They invited me to come with them. they said I didn’t really need to put a lot of effort into a costume and they would wait. I mean I really thought about it. But I was so behind on my reading I had to decline.

I was disappointed there were only 2 Pokémon that came to my door. A pikachu and a maskless Charmeleon. I thought there were going to be a lot more Pokémon like at least 10. A teen dressed a Gene Simmons came wearing a Gene mask and a Psycho Circus shirt.