I got to see part of The Price is Right is was a 1950s themed Halloween episode. I hate when people do that in general I’m a (name of decade baby) I was alive for the last 5 months of said decade. If you were born in 1999 that doesn’t make you a 90s kid.

My job interview today went well. I was shocked. The guy even gave me a free soda. It made me think about that episode of the Ducktales reboot when Webby can’t keep her cool at the Funzo’s fun Zone. Then I tried this other restaurant in the same shopping plaza. The only reason I went there in person is because it said that they don’t take online applications. When I went in to ask if they were hiring the people there were so rude and lazy. No wonder the place was almost empty. There were some other bad reviews as well that mentioned the same thing. So I’m not alone here.