Food Battle? — November 30, 2019

Food Battle?

I was gonna combine this story with another blog, but I decided not to.

Since I was a sophomore it was my 2nd year of experiencing homecoming. I hoped this year I had a better hang of it because I did it last year at that same school so it was sort of ok to make assumptions that I knew how it worked.

My school was lazy or could not come up with ideas or something and held homecoming very late that year in November. All the other 3 years homecoming was never held starting in November. When I was a senior it was held during the week of Halloween so it ended in early November. Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday in 2001.
These were the themes for the court (people running for homecoming) and everybody else the last day was always class colors/school mascot because it all culminated at the big pep rally on Friday.
Monday; Court: superhero Other People: nerd
Tuesday; Court: animals Other People: farmer
Wednesday; Court: food characters Other People: pajama day
Thursday; No school Veteran’s Day
Friday; Court: school mascot Other People: class colors
I only dressed up for 2 days pajama and class color.

The theme was battle of the fast food restaurants. It was always battle of the (something). The year before was local theme parks.

That year my class the sophomores had the theme of In n Out for our float. But they wanted to play swing music on it?

A lot of these elements were carried over to my fan fic Bye Bye Burger.

On Monday I think I was gonna dress up for nerd day, but I couldn’t put together an outfit that was cute enough. One girl wore her grandma’s thick glasses and they hurt her eyes.

On Tuesday One girl in my class was dressed as a mouse and another girl was dressed as a farmer I made a 3 blind mice joke but nobody got it. Especially when she took off her mouse tail. The math teacher called her “Clem” he made fun of another student’s cardboard farm tools.

On Wednesday I dressed up. I brought my stuffed pikachu to school. My friend said it looked over stuffed and was poking it. One of my other friends said she had one too. My math teacher told me to ask it math questions, but I said it only spoke pikachu. When I showed it to my art teacher at the end of class she was disgusted.

On Friday it was the school pep rally. At the pep rally somebody inflated a condom as a balloon and it was being passed around in the crowd. My friend touched it and didn’t know what it was until I pointed out what to was to her. Then she wiped her hand on her pants in disgust. Somebody snuck in an air horn to the rally. The dance club danced to “Can I get a…” by Jay-z and “Crazy” by Britney Spears, but that song sounded poorly recorded like it came off the radio or something. Everything seemed to be fixed. The seniors won every contest they were in.

Wet Paws in the City — November 28, 2019

Wet Paws in the City

So is people making fun of how you dress in small towns. Is that like a thing? The women have to be polished? And can’t “let themselves go”? Please enlighten me because I’ve always lived in the LA metro/suburbs area. To be honest most of the time we don’t really notice unless it’s something over the top.

I got started on my year 2000 blogs. I think I’m gonna do song blogs again I was brain storming ideas during the parade.

So Paw Patrol is kinda a running joke with us in my family. Especially since none of us have even seen an episode of the show. Those guys are on everything. Paw Patrol Cheese, Paw Patrol cookies, Paw Patrol soup, Paw Patrol muffins, Paw Patrol balloons, Paw Patrol Halloween costumes, etc. I just love their exclusive Walmart cheese. I think they have some other exclusive foods. Including some pizza bites which I don’t eat. So we were joking when the Chase balloon was on tv. But I really had to see the pikachu balloon like always. They looked ok, but a little funny since they had to be flown so low to the ground. I guess it was better than no balloons.

I don’t know why they drastically changed the dog show coverage this year. As someone who has seen every one since it started I did not take to this kindly. I liked when it was “no frills”.

There was something that happened that hasn’t in many years here on Thanksgiving and that is rain.

So my parents are lucky enough that I’m too cheap to pay for spotify so I hear all the commercials. But it helps because it gives me a good point to stop listening. I hear a commercial then I look at the time and realize I should be doing something else and not online listening to it. I don’t use it on my phone to save data. Anyway in the beginning of the month I had been hearing ads for a pre-made meal from Sprouts market. It said it could feed 2 people but my family knew we could stretch it to feed 3. And we made extra sides. Ones that were not included. It was the cheapest one we could find compared to other markets in the area.

The meal was meh. The roast was dry. The mashed potatoes were somewhere between school lunch and KFC quality. The stuffing was spicy. The gravy and cranberry sauce were ok.

I was having a hard time eating because of my wisdom tooth. My mouth is in pain I can’t eat that much.

Sorry no food pics because I forgot.

It’s a Mid-Teen Crisis — November 27, 2019

It’s a Mid-Teen Crisis

I’ve been working on my end of the New Tens blog, but I’m having a bit of trouble writing it.

My wisdom teeth got rejected to be removed. They won’t cover it. I should have known when I read that on that dentist’s yelp page. It’s more shit I gotta pay for out of pocket. Without a job. How fucked up do my teeth need to be before they are allowed to remove them?

Cannot deny my INFPness. Even at 12 or 15. And that is kind a sad. Stupid INFPs!

Do people still type ass as “a$$” anymore? You know to censor it? Or was that a 90s thing like spelling “Damn” as “Dame”? Or could people not spell?

There is one specific type of people who hate me and people like me. And that is overly serious people. While I was having an existential crisis over Thanksgiving that year. Because watching cartoons makes you immature is a double standard. It is now and it was back in ’99. Having my existential crisis about being told I’m childish by somebody who was obsessed with boy bands. I don’t understand why it is ok to like Disney movies but not “kids’ cartoons”? That everybody at school seemed to be mad and disgusted at me liking Pokémon. And wearing Pokémon shirts. And calling me Pokémon girl. That’s what I apparently spent Thanksgiving 1999 doing.

The person who told me that took her nickname possibly from Chris Jericho? 🤷 I don’t know didn’t watch wrestling back then.

My other friend faking an illness first it was stomach cancer then it was leukemia. The strange thing was everybody just went along with it? Including school administration.

The only reason I was thinking about this was I was reading an old diary doing research for a blog I’m posting soon.

Cracked Rear Ornament — November 26, 2019

Cracked Rear Ornament

After recently watching this Todd in the Shadows video I thought of her. Some teacher I used to have.

She loved Hootie and Coolio. It perfectly encapsulates 1995 music. I wonder if she likes his country career? Or watched this video?

I thought it was funny when she thought she was more popular than Conan O’Brien. You’re a nobody teacher from the suburbs of LA. She used strange slang. Some of it was of the time and I’ve heard it uttered by others in media and such. Either this slang was strangely regional or something she made up. Like Regina from Mean Girls.

Never get in the way of her and her diet soda. No really she would get so mean if she didn’t have it. She would deny she was addicted to the stuff. I wonder how she took it when her brand was reformulated a few years ago? Unless she kicked the habit.

One time I found her pinterest page? Profile? By accident (didn’t follow back if you are wondering) Saw she had a Hamilton board. For her being really into Hamilton; figures. She used to act like she was so “gangster”. Did you even grow up on the street? Come to think of it I bet she was probably really into that A Wrinkle in Time adaptation.

She was one of those teachers who was like “I’m a hip and cool teacher. I like what you like.” Strangely she was not into the ever hip and popular tv show Friends. Ever since I was about 10 I never trusted those type of instructors. I remember one time they were making fun of those type of teachers on Late Night With Conan O’Brien many years ago. My speech teacher was like that, but he was more dorky than trying to be cool. It took me a while to warm up to him. I remember how I met her. My friend and I who were in the same class both had a big school project. And we were brainstorming ideas on how to build it. We were making them individually. She comes by and asks what we are doing. She says she has art supplies and that we can build our projects in her class after school and that had art supplies we could use.

She said I was easily frightened, squirrely, watched too much tv, was a “problem”, a tattle tail, a bad artist, and a smart ass. She got mad at me because as a kid I used to spend my time learning weird and arbitrary facts. So she would bullshit the other students, but I was not having it. I knew she was wrong and lying. And I would point it out. She would get so mad at me because I refused to take her “challenges” and such. I mean come on I watched a geography themed game show for fun. It wasn’t like I hid that fact I openly told her.

I forgot to post a blog yesterday after watching the Rams’ devastating loss to the Ravens. Anyway I was at the dollar store there was this lady who was buying a bunch of decorations and hogging up a bunch of belt space at the checkout line. She was with this little girl who hands her more decorations. Including some of those hollow Christmas tree ornaments. The lady looks at them and tells the girl. “I don’t know to decorate these we’ll look it up online.” When I saw them it jogged a memory. In that class we poured paint in them and swirled them around. Then dump the excess paint out. NFL team color schemes made good combinations. You can also paint on the outside of them. I’ve seen people do that. Worst thing of all they broke on the bus ride home from school and I wasted my money.

I learned a lot from you like conformity, the power of silence in any matter, your strange slang, and learning how to braid.

Thanks for making me into the neurotic adult I am today. Cheers!

Broken TV and HOF Nominations — November 22, 2019

Broken TV and HOF Nominations

I’ve been talking about Dave Matthews Band. But why? It’s because it’s about the Rock n Roll hall of fame fan votes. I’m not up on this stuff how many times had Kraftwerk been nominated? Their music is a little too out there for me. If you are a certain age you know their song as the theme song to the show Newton’s Apple. Their songs are a little too out there for me. “Autobahn” is a good song. Part of me wants to see them get in before Depeche Mode since they influenced them.

So the Depeche Mode fans are mad at the Dave Matthews Band fans since they are getting more votes than they are getting. Because you know they are a sucky frat boy band. They are kinda similar when you think about it. Sure you can dismiss Dave Matthews Band and say they are bland. Ok let’s see… They are bands with huge followings with some guy named Dave who is the singer. Ok I know the name David is not a unique name or anything. What if they were named something like The Dave Gahan Experience? Or something? Back when I didn’t like Depeche Mode; I don’t really have a nostalgic connection to their songs. Dave Matthews Band songs make me feel nostalgic? I only know their early songs. It’s not like I own a Dave Matthews Band album. I can’t name you a song of theirs they released after 2001.
I even wrote about them when I was participating in nanowirmo that year. I like writing to their songs. I don’t know 12 year old me related to “So Much to Say”. It could really sum up when I worked at the deli.

There was this radio station I used to listen to in like 1995 or 1996. I used to listen to bands like; Barenaked Ladies, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Inner Circle (famous for the Cops theme song), and of course Dave Matthews Band. And the Dr. Demento show. Here is a wikipedia article about the history of this station. Those type of format stations tend to die in LA they aren’t really popular here. I thought it was a good radio station. I remember my mom hated the song “Too Much” when it came out. I think she said it made no sense.

My tv went out. The sound kept going out. I got so frustrated with it I just unplugged it. Thing was a piece of junk anyway.

Poorman in the Forest (not about the DJ) — November 21, 2019

Poorman in the Forest (not about the DJ)

You know what I’m not doing tonight. Seeing Spirits in the Forest. Lot of fans said they weren’t going out of protest against the movie. But they caved in and bought a ticket. I didn’t. It didn’t help that the nearest theater that was showing it was far away and one of those fancy places where they have waiters. Oh yeah and being broke helped. I’m not looking for other fans in my area. I’m pretty sure they are here and I’m assuming people who are at least 10 years older than me. I’m content with that. Wearing my 101 shirt at school yielded no results. I’m staying home to watch a bout between the Colts and Texans looks interesting. And Young Sheldon. Baginza!

I’m not really interested in see the fan stories. I need to tell my story in a movie form. Ok so maybe my story might not even be that cool or interesting. Maybe I’ll make a documentary about myself. I know it’s self centered, but whatever. Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Including the members of the group? I know it’ll make you cry. They’ll all cry because of how bad it is. Not the story but the poor production values of my homemade movie. I was not really into 101 the movie when I saw it. I know fans “have to see it”. Just let me watch the scene where Martin buys country music tapes, and I’m content. The accompanying album is so much better. I heard a rumor that fans gather at the Rose Bowl on June 18 in Pasadena if I ever do go there and see it I’ll report back my findings.

And they kept playing the ads on spotify. Usually when I was listening to their albums or solo ones.

Don’t get me started on the their gray scale boxset.

I’m such a basic bitch I’m gonna go listen to some Dave Matthews Band. Don’t say that name! It’s a dirty word! Crash into me baby? 🐵🐒🍍 Even if I do think “So Much to Say” has dark and meaningful lyrics. Apparently somebody likes this song since it won a Grammy in 1996. (I’m not allowed to like them). Please come confiscate my DM merch. I’m not worthy of owning it.

“I send my love to you.”

Wasting Time in the Rain — November 20, 2019

Wasting Time in the Rain

I had another terrible job interview. I was so upset in the morning I almost walked back in the door. Should have gone with that. I think my subconscious knows it’s gonna suck.

When I get to the store there are 3 signs up in the front advertising that they are hiring. the lady who was going to interview me gives me a paper to fill out and then leaves. She was gone for a long time. If it was over 10 I was going to leave. When I get interviewed I get to there is nothing for me. They don’t have anything and are not hiring? What the hell? What the fucking bloody hell!? Why are there all these signs outside the store? Why did you send me an email that you were hiring 2 days ago?

I should really trust my gut here I’d say 4 out of 5 interviews end badly. So why bother looking anymore? There is no point. Nobody wants me. 😭

You Can’t See Me with Cheap Prescription Glasses — November 19, 2019

You Can’t See Me with Cheap Prescription Glasses

You like the title? It’s a mashup of John Cena and ZZTop.

I went to the eye doctor to get my exam and get my form filled out by the DMV. I was told I can only see 10 feet away. No wonder I had such a hard time in college. I mean with reading the board. I was like Arthur. After the exam was over. All the lady tried to do was sell me expensive glasses. I felt scammed. I’m never going back there again. But now I have the prescription. So now I can get glasses somewhere else.

That record store I shop is in the next shopping center over. I thought I could Mr. Magoo my way through the store. I know where he stock the Depeche Mode stuff unless he recently rearranged the store. Sadly I didn’t get glasses or take a trip to the record store. I’ll go to his store in a few weeks from now.

The Story of Nothing (at the DMV) — November 18, 2019

The Story of Nothing (at the DMV)

Before I went my parents got mad a me about not having some stupid form. For a form I didn’t even need! At the DMV they make it known paper is not used anymore or at least the one I went to.

I had to get to the DVM like an hour before it opened because there were no appointments available until late January 2020.

The thing that sucks is that every time I go there the way to get processed is different. All they ever do is get mad at you for not registering online. But I was smart this time and took a picture of the form they make you use to go online with some weird web address. Which BTW is not on the DMV site or at least I didn’t see it. At least I was the 26th person in line.

I didn’t want to apply for jobs last week and I have to go to the DMV. Because potential employers hate to hear that for some reason.

But I got what I needed done in about 4 hours. Thankfully.

Mermaid Memories — November 17, 2019

Mermaid Memories

It’s the 30th anniversary of the release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I love that movie so much. clothes, underpants, shoes, toys, the Tyco fashion doll, the doll playset, doll fashions, a lunchbox, a backpack, hair accessories, badges, books, the Tiger game, beach towel, poster, candy, school supplies,

Used to borrow the VHS copy my grandma had and watch it all the time. I eventually got my own DVD copy in 2006. I can still recite and sing sing some of the songs from memory. Still haven’t seen the prequel and the sequel. The Saturday morning cartoon was to be desired. I tried to get on board with Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, but I couldn’t. By then all my friends had moved on.

I even have a rule when I buy Disney Princess stuff Ariel has to be depicted on the item. IMGprincessbook
Or I won’t buy it and don’t even get me started on the Palace Pets.

So supposedly the movie is “sending the wrong message” and “outdated”? Even though it was made in the 1980s and based off a very old story. As a kid I didn’t see her as that I saw her as a defiant teenager who wanted love. Ok the wanting love is the “bad” part.

Maybe I’m just basic for her being my favorite.