I didn’t get my first cavity(ies) until I was in high school. I went to the dentist in late May 1999 and found out I had 3 cavities. My dad blamed it on me eating too much candy at school for lunch. I occasionally drank sodas, but Fruitopia was my drink.

My dentist was a quack. She could have been part of a Match Game question. My dentist is so weird she does (blank). She used to hit my teeth with the metal dental tools and would complain I would flinch. You just hit my teeth with a metal tool. After having that dentist for a few years I would “practice” before I would go and hit my teeth with metal objects and try not to flinch. She would always tell me I had diseased gums.

I got my fillings done on July 2nd.  It was a terrible experience. Not because of getting them filled. The dentist used a lot of medication. The dentist got mad at me for biting my lip. I didn’t know I was I couldn’t feel it.

One the ride home I heard the songs “New” by No Doubt and “Beautiful Stranger” by Madonna. I got to watch Austin Powers movie and recover after. Funny thing about renting this movie was that it was the only copy the video store had. When we got it the person who had it before didn’t rewind it. Everybody wanted it because the 2nd movie just came out.

My teeth still hurt on the 4th. I could not eat ice pops.