Before I went my parents got mad a me about not having some stupid form. For a form I didn’t even need! At the DMV they make it known paper is not used anymore or at least the one I went to.

I had to get to the DVM like an hour before it opened because there were no appointments available until late January 2020.

The thing that sucks is that every time I go there the way to get processed is different. All they ever do is get mad at you for not registering online. But I was smart this time and took a picture of the form they make you use to go online with some weird web address. Which BTW is not on the DMV site or at least I didn’t see it. At least I was the 26th person in line.

I didn’t want to apply for jobs last week and I have to go to the DMV. Because potential employers hate to hear that for some reason.

But I got what I needed done in about 4 hours. Thankfully.