You like the title? It’s a mashup of John Cena and ZZTop.

I went to the eye doctor to get my exam and get my form filled out by the DMV. I was told I can only see 10 feet away. No wonder I had such a hard time in college. I mean with reading the board. I was like Arthur. After the exam was over. All the lady tried to do was sell me expensive glasses. I felt scammed. I’m never going back there again. But now I have the prescription. So now I can get glasses somewhere else.

That record store I shop is in the next shopping center over. I thought I could Mr. Magoo my way through the store. I know where he stock the Depeche Mode stuff unless he recently rearranged the store. Sadly I didn’t get glasses or take a trip to the record store. I’ll go to his store in a few weeks from now.