I had another terrible job interview. I was so upset in the morning I almost walked back in the door. Should have gone with that. I think my subconscious knows it’s gonna suck.

When I get to the store there are 3 signs up in the front advertising that they are hiring. the lady who was going to interview me gives me a paper to fill out and then leaves. She was gone for a long time. If it was over 10 I was going to leave. When I get interviewed I get to there is nothing for me. They don’t have anything and are not hiring? What the hell? What the fucking bloody hell!? Why are there all these signs outside the store? Why did you send me an email that you were hiring 2 days ago?

I should really trust my gut here I’d say 4 out of 5 interviews end badly. So why bother looking anymore? There is no point. Nobody wants me. ūüė≠