You know what I’m not doing tonight. Seeing Spirits in the Forest. Lot of fans said they weren’t going out of protest against the movie. But they caved in and bought a ticket. I didn’t. It didn’t help that the nearest theater that was showing it was far away and one of those fancy places where they have waiters. Oh yeah and being broke helped. I’m not looking for other fans in my area. I’m pretty sure they are here and I’m assuming people who are at least 10 years older than me. I’m content with that. Wearing my 101 shirt at school yielded no results. I’m staying home to watch a bout between the Colts and Texans looks interesting. And Young Sheldon. Baginza!

I’m not really interested in see the fan stories. I need to tell my story in a movie form. Ok so maybe my story might not even be that cool or interesting. Maybe I’ll make a documentary about myself. I know it’s self centered, but whatever. Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Including the members of the group? I know it’ll make you cry. They’ll all cry because of how bad it is. Not the story but the poor production values of my homemade movie. I was not really into 101 the movie when I saw it. I know fans “have to see it”. Just let me watch the scene where Martin buys country music tapes, and I’m content. The accompanying album is so much better. I heard a rumor that fans gather at the Rose Bowl on June 18 in Pasadena if I ever do go there and see it I’ll report back my findings.

And they kept playing the ads on spotify. Usually when I was listening to their albums or solo ones.

Don’t get me started on the their gray scale boxset.

I’m such a basic bitch I’m gonna go listen to some Dave Matthews Band. Don’t say that name! It’s a dirty word! Crash into me baby? 🐵🐒🍍 Even if I do think “So Much to Say” has dark and meaningful lyrics. Apparently somebody likes this song since it won a Grammy in 1996. (I’m not allowed to like them). Please come confiscate my DM merch. I’m not worthy of owning it.

“I send my love to you.”