I’ve been talking about Dave Matthews Band. But why? It’s because it’s about the Rock n Roll hall of fame fan votes. I’m not up on this stuff how many times had Kraftwerk been nominated? Their music is a little too out there for me. If you are a certain age you know their song as the theme song to the show Newton’s Apple. Their songs are a little too out there for me. “Autobahn” is a good song. Part of me wants to see them get in before Depeche Mode since they influenced them.

So the Depeche Mode fans are mad at the Dave Matthews Band fans since they are getting more votes than they are getting. Because you know they are a sucky frat boy band. They are kinda similar when you think about it. Sure you can dismiss Dave Matthews Band and say they are bland. Ok let’s see… They are bands with huge followings with some guy named Dave who is the singer. Ok I know the name David is not a unique name or anything. What if they were named something like The Dave Gahan Experience? Or something? Back when I didn’t like Depeche Mode; I don’t really have a nostalgic connection to their songs. Dave Matthews Band songs make me feel nostalgic? I only know their early songs. It’s not like I own a Dave Matthews Band album. I can’t name you a song of theirs they released after 2001.
I even wrote about them when I was participating in nanowirmo that year. I like writing to their songs. I don’t know 12 year old me related to “So Much to Say”. It could really sum up when I worked at the deli.

There was this radio station I used to listen to in like 1995 or 1996. I used to listen to bands like; Barenaked Ladies, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Inner Circle (famous for the Cops theme song), and of course Dave Matthews Band. And the Dr. Demento show. Here is a wikipedia article about the history of this station. Those type of format stations tend to die in LA they aren’t really popular here. I thought it was a good radio station. I remember my mom hated the song “Too Much” when it came out. I think she said it made no sense.

My tv went out. The sound kept going out. I got so frustrated with it I just unplugged it. Thing was a piece of junk anyway.