After recently watching this Todd in the Shadows video I thought of her. Some teacher I used to have.

She loved Hootie and Coolio. It perfectly encapsulates 1995 music. I wonder if she likes his country career? Or watched this video?

I thought it was funny when she thought she was more popular than Conan O’Brien. You’re a nobody teacher from the suburbs of LA. She used strange slang. Some of it was of the time and I’ve heard it uttered by others in media and such. Either this slang was strangely regional or something she made up. Like Regina from Mean Girls.

Never get in the way of her and her diet soda. No really she would get so mean if she didn’t have it. She would deny she was addicted to the stuff. I wonder how she took it when her brand was reformulated a few years ago? Unless she kicked the habit.

One time I found her pinterest page? Profile? By accident (didn’t follow back if you are wondering) Saw she had a Hamilton board. For her being really into Hamilton; figures. She used to act like she was so “gangster”. Did you even grow up on the street? Come to think of it I bet she was probably really into that A Wrinkle in Time adaptation.

She was one of those teachers who was like “I’m a hip and cool teacher. I like what you like.” Strangely she was not into the ever hip and popular tv show Friends. Ever since I was about 10 I never trusted those type of instructors. I remember one time they were making fun of those type of teachers on Late Night With Conan O’Brien many years ago. My speech teacher was like that, but he was more dorky than trying to be cool. It took me a while to warm up to him. I remember how I met her. My friend and I who were in the same class both had a big school project. And we were brainstorming ideas on how to build it. We were making them individually. She comes by and asks what we are doing. She says she has art supplies and that we can build our projects in her class after school and that had art supplies we could use.

She said I was easily frightened, squirrely, watched too much tv, was a “problem”, a tattle tail, a bad artist, and a smart ass. She got mad at me because as a kid I used to spend my time learning weird and arbitrary facts. So she would bullshit the other students, but I was not having it. I knew she was wrong and lying. And I would point it out. She would get so mad at me because I refused to take her “challenges” and such. I mean come on I watched a geography themed game show for fun. It wasn’t like I hid that fact I openly told her.

I forgot to post a blog yesterday after watching the Rams’ devastating loss to the Ravens. Anyway I was at the dollar store there was this lady who was buying a bunch of decorations and hogging up a bunch of belt space at the checkout line. She was with this little girl who hands her more decorations. Including some of those hollow Christmas tree ornaments. The lady looks at them and tells the girl. “I don’t know to decorate these we’ll look it up online.” When I saw them it jogged a memory. In that class we poured paint in them and swirled them around. Then dump the excess paint out. NFL team color schemes made good combinations. You can also paint on the outside of them. I’ve seen people do that. Worst thing of all they broke on the bus ride home from school and I wasted my money.

I learned a lot from you like conformity, the power of silence in any matter, your strange slang, and learning how to braid.

Thanks for making me into the neurotic adult I am today. Cheers!